Author: ProcastinatorMan

Note: This story was a request from Princess Kitty, to make a Great Wall of China Edition based fanfic.

Point of View

This story is written from a first person POV of an average Chinese human who cleans up any mess in the great wall. Or just a third person POV. Whatever you wanna call it


I seriously wonder if getting this job of cleaning the great wall is worth it or not. On one side, it does pay quite well, even more than some professional jobs. What with the huge messes and huge length. On the other hand, it's really hard and I risk my life.

Zombies are invading my beautiful country, China. Some of them were smarter, and got inside by above or below. Others aren't so much, and they risk themselves by trying to climb the great wall. Nameless-san plants his defenses, and they oddly work. Zombies try every method to defeat the defenses, yet utterly fail. Front attacks and back attacks, are both well defended by his blue watermelons and that odd purple thing. Special troops like the ice machine crusher barely leave a scratch, and that barely is about only once a week. The floater gets taken away by his leaf fan. I admire him, a lot. So maybe seeing my hero isn't so bad. However, I am forced to cover with an umbrella for loose blue melons, or else I'll suffer from hypothermia. I must also not breathe near the purple things, or else I'll be in risk of lung cancer. And what's not to say zombies aren't trouble either. How about the fact that every single one wants to eat my brain. Or the scary giant who could crush me if he wanted to. Or the not less scary, heavily armored one who has stamina like no other and sprints quite fast.

I am seriously considering quitting, despite all the neat things. But if I quit, then who will take my place. Surely not the boss, he's way too unhealthy for it. I'd rather drown and burn at the same time(don't ask how) rather than have my family do it. My fellow employees perhaps, but I feel some link to them. Oh I just can't choose.

But the truth is, as long as I kept undecided, I'll be unable to quit if I wish to do so. One day, I'll be sure of my decision, and my decision will be the one to end one thing or another. But my dear folks, my time for writing has ended. I must continue my job, what with being unsure.