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Gatling Pea



Conehead Zombie

Buckethead Zombie

Football Zombie

Extra Zombie

Dr. Zomboss


Some plants and shrooms are laid out on the lawn at exactly 8:55 PM

At Dr. Zomboss's HQ he has created a new potion, the Grave Creator.

Dr. Zomboss: Mwahahahhahah! Another great creation!

Pole Vaulting Zombie: What's that Boss?

Dr. Zomboss: Oh I just made a new potion to use when we attack the lawn soon.

Pole Vaulting Zombie: What it called?

Dr. Zomboss: Grave Creator! Just pour some drops on the grass, and a grave will pop up!

More, coming soon...

Pole Vaulting Zombie: Seriously, Grave Creator? what about Grave Maker?

Dr. Zomboss: (annoyed) Fine.

At the lawn...

Puff-shroom: Man, I'm bored, there are no zombies, and no graves.

Sun-shroom: Something will- (coughs sun) come up.

Scardey-Shroom: I like it! It's so peaceful!

Fume-shroom: Well, It's not gonna be peaceful for long if you keep yelling.

Scardey-Shroom: Sorry.

Sunflower: Alright, what's happening?

Puff-shroom: Huh? You're not supposed to be here!

Sunflower: Aww, why not?

Puff-shroom: Because it's nighttime.

Sunflower: Riiiiiiiiiiight.

Puff-shroom: T_T Yeah, Riiiiiiiiight Just leave, we got it covered.

Sunflower: Fine.

Sunflower leaves the scene. .

A scream is heard.

The Plants backs are turned.

Fume-shroom: AHHHHHHHHH!!!! OH NO!!!! HELP ME!!! i'M BEING EATEN!!!!

The plants are scared and turn to see Fume-shroom, trying to hold in his laughter.

Fume-shroom: Laughing- Hahahhaha! I got you guys good!

Puff-shroom and Scardey-shroom shoot spores at Fume-shroom for the mean prank.

Puff-shroom: Your a jerk, you know that Fume-shroom?

Fume-shroom: Ah, come on, lighten up, it's just a little joke.

Scardey-Shroom: D-D-D-D-Don't do that again please!

Sun-shroom: Yeah, man, don't.

Fume-shroom: Okay, okay.

Mini-game music starts...

Puff-shroom: Huh? what's that?

Scardey-Shroom: I don't know, but I'm getting a beat here. :)

5 Graves pop up out of nowhere, 1 on each lane.

Sun-shroom: Huh?!

Zombies rise from the graves.

Fume-shroom: Lets do this!

The plants are on the defensive, shooting fumes at them...

In the bushes next to the house...

Dr. Zomboss: Foolproof!

Extra Zombie: It's 2 words.

Dr. Zomboss: It is?

Extra Zombie: Yeah.

Dr. Zomboss: Oh. Anyway, time to start dripping some Grave Juice.

Extra Zombie: Grave Juice?

Dr. Zomboss: I'm still thinking of a name.

Extra Zombie: Oh, okay.

Dr. Zomboss sneakily puts few drops of Grave Juice on the grass and 4 graves pop up.

Scardey-Shroom: Uh guys, I just saw some purple stuff fall on the grass and 4 graves came up.

Sun-shroom: How? It's dark right now?

Scardey-Shroom: I have keen eyesight.

Puff-shroom: Sweet.

Zomboss pours another drop directly infront of Puff-shroom.

Puff-shroom: Ahhh!

Puff-shroom jumps ontop of Scardey-Shroom.

More, coming soon...


  • This fanfic is based off the cancelled mini-game of the same name.

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