Author: ProcastinatorMan, or is it Gargantuar? Poetry CAN be fiction.


Oh sweetheart, I love you so much

So much I feel you are my crutch

So much I'd take you as a choice over brains

And I find best cover in you when it rains

Being the biggest doesn't mean anything to me

For all I care, I'd be as small as a bee

I only care about being with you my love

And then I will feel I am above

My loneliness can be ended by you

Brains only consolate me a little and that's true

We could smash together

Then I'd stop being sick and be better

You're as beautiful as my pole

And as sweet as brains

Please don't leave a hole

In my heart when it rains.

Don't fear my massive size and strength

Ask me anything and I'll go a huge length

Don't fear my zombie-swinging habits

I only will swing if you're one of those rabbits

The earth trembles when I walk

But I'm as sensible as a stalk

Others dream they could be me

You could get better than that

And be with me.

Signed with love, Gargantuar