This interview is about the Gardener Zombie.

NOTE: I had permission from Miles do this.

Me: Well, hello, Gardener Zombie

Gardener Zombie: Hi, RepeterwitTorwood

Me: Did Indian Corn pay you to get me name wrong? 

Gardener Zombie: No, Somtims I can't tak rite

Me: Okay, so why did you become a gardener?

Gardener Zombie: So I culd eat brains esily

Me: Do you like gardening?

Gardener Zombie: No, I hate it but I wated to eat brains.

Me: Okay....Who are your friends

Gardener Zombie: Al teh zombies mad by Miles cept the zombie aliens cuz I neva see them

Me: Who are your enemies

Gardener Zombie:  The plants and giga gardener.

Me: What is your favorite plant to garden?

Gardener Zombie: The Evil Repeater.

*a fan blows of my mask*


Me: Oh no...I don't have a trap door like BGB64. So...RUUNNNNNNN

*I went home to my house and locked the door*


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