Written by Drek


Current characters

  • Xanfar (Snow Pea)
  • Arglaxx (Peashooter)
  • Anna (Sunflower)
  • Antares (Gatling Pea)
  • Redux (Friendly Zombie, which is actually a Winter Melon)

Upcoming characters

  • Dr. Zomboss
  • Incinerator Zombie
  • Deadeye Mine Zombie
  • Mungo the Gargantuar
  • Dropship Zombie
  • Artillery Zombie
  • Evil Xanfar
  • Evil Arglaxx
  • Evil Anna
  • Evil Antares
  • Evil Redux
  • Human Prisoners



  • Frontyard

Plants House

  • Living room
  • Arglaxx's bedroom
  • Antares' bedroom
  • Redux's house-helicopter

Upcoming Place: Hoverreaction Facility

  • Zombie Training Room
  • Doctor's Office (Dr. Zomboss)
  • Zombie Cloning Room
  • Zombie Armory Room
  • Zombie Lab
  • Zombie ZomBotany Lab
  • Prison


Tuesday, January 15, 2013 on the Plants House in Miami, Florida...

Anna:Hey guys, a zombie is outside! Let's kill it!

They get out from their house.

Arglaxx:Surrender, or you'll die!

Antares:It doesn't work, they are mindless!

Xanfar: Then just kill it!

Redux: Hey, stop! I'm not your enemy! I just wanna  become friendly with you all!

Arglaxx:Oh, ok then, let's get in!

In the house...

Anna:What's your name?

Redux:I am Redux. Yeah you know, I'm got zombified.

Antares:It's OK, they are all idiots that won't stop invading our house!

Xanfar:Yeah you right.

Arglaxx:everybody, let's get in my room!

On Arglaxx's room...

Arglaxx:Here, you all can play games, I have so much console, starting from Nintendo DS to PlayStation Vita! Oh yeah, I also have 5 PCs for private browsing!

All (except Arglaxx): Wow, so much things here! This is our first time we see your room's interior!

30 minutes later...

Antares: Ya all wanna know my room? Get in my room!

On Antares' room...

Antares: Here, I have so much gadgets, like iPhone, iPad, Android, all here! I currently have a total of 10 gadgets!

Xanfar:Wow, so much gadgets here. Do you store it for backup?

Antares:Apparently, yes.

Redux:This time, I'll show you who am I actually, I'm a Winter Melon!

Redux shows his actual form by opening his costume.

Anna:You are a Winter Melon? Why don't you show us outside?

Redux:Because of zombie invasion that makes me frustrated! Gonna move my house here

Xanfar:By what?

Redux: I actually have a house-like helicopter! It looks like a house, contains rooms and wide enough but it's actually has some huge propellers that makes it fly!

Anna:Let's take your house here! There's some helipad above our house!


Redux takes his house-helicopter to plants house.

Redux:Done. You all can see the interior. There's also a safe that contains 3 kgs of gold!

All:WOW! Amazing!

In Redux's house...

Anna:How can you make this house-helicopter? This seems inpossible.

Redux:By using the time-traveling machine I created to travel to 1 century later.  I copy the ZombieBot's blueprints about their house-helicopter project and back to present time. the engine's now still works in good condition.

Anna:So, you use your time machine to go to 1 century later and takes their blueprints? OK. How long it takes to make this house-helicopter?

Redux:About 5 months. So quick with my robots. The robots are now stored in the robot room.

Xanfar:Then how can you get so much gold?

Redux:Using the time machine to 1024 years ago and stole some people's gold by my handy gold magnet. Note that this is not a plant one, this is the portable one. Battery lasts for 5 hours.

Arglaxx:Then about robot? Do you copy the ZombieBot's blueprints?

Redux:Yes, it is.

Antares: How much money you spent to make this place?

Redux:About $250.000

Antares:So expensive!

Redux:Yes, because this is a futuristic technology! That's why I stole some golds from the past.

Anna:How about the time machine? How can you make it?

Redux:Using the data I stole from Hoverreaction Facility.

Anna:What is Hoverreaction Facility?

Redux:Some kind of zombie facility located in Arctic. The security is so thick so no wonder if I am camouflage like a zombie.

Xanfar:So Arctic is now a zombie facility base?

Redux:Yes. And based on my intel, Zomboss is there.

Xanfar:What? How can he's in there?

Redux: Using his supercharged jetpack that has a speed up to 1000 mph.

Xanfar:Then, should we revenge?

Redux:No. Don't do that now. We still must create some technology to defeat 'em and save the humankind from destruction.

Anna:Technology like an overpowered pistol, sniper, machine gun, cannon, artillery or plant robot?

Redux:Yes like that.

Anna:But how can?

Redux:Trial and error  is the solution.

Antares:Like what? Like inserting a supercharged rocket into a huge pistol that fits small and big projectiles?

Redux:Yes, like that.

Antares: How about modifying the rocket launcher's scope by replacing the old one with sniper scope and modifying the rocket using Meteor MH rockets?

Redux:Good! That's the way we defeat Zomboss!

Anna:What is Meteor MH rockets?

Antares:As seen on Iron Man PS2/PSP game. After the main warhead explodes, 3 smaller rockets will come and strike zombies, for that extra BOOM.

Xanfar:Zeus EMP pulse rifle also the best choice for our primary weapon. It releases EMP charge so if there are any mechanical targets such as Zombot, it'll be disarmed for 2 seconds, giving us a time to defeat it.

Redux:Both are good! That's our great way to defeat Zomboss!

Anna: But about the maximum security?

Xanfar:Dont worry. Our weapons will handle that.

Arglaxx:I suggest using .50 caliber from Desert Eagle on a Glock pistol. Its burst firing method is powerful, making it the best secondary weapon. Modify the Glock first!

Anna:Suggest using Sunspear 2.0 AGMS! it's a homing Anti-grav missiles that's powerful enough to destroy some helicopter zombies, balloon zombies and other fast-moving zombies!

Redux:Then let's start making it!

They start making weapons.3 months later...

Redux:We are done making this!

Arglaxx: Then prepare battle!

Redux:Not now. We still have to test these weapons to ensure if all weapons are working properly.

To be continued.