(June 2016) Each Month I shall create a News article about changes and insignificant creating around the wiki. Let's start off with the news.

News Edit

Every time this comes out we will tell you everything that happens.

  • The logo has somewhat turned flat to match the UI design of this wiki
  • The creator is making a UI on this wiki
  • Almost to 500 pages keep it up
  • New Contests are underway

"The Newbie" Review Edit

As you guys may or may not know, I pick a featured article out of the random page button. "The Newbie" was the winner. SodaPopExplosive created it. So give thanks to him. The story is about a new student at Leafgreen High and what is this suspicious student going to do that is so unsettling to the students there? Find out in the link below.

Choose Edit

Soon contests will arive.

That is it! See ya next month!

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