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Cast Edit

From episode 1 (crossed out means dead):

  • Thecoolguy81: (Whatever you are, he's in love with Laura) ???? years old (M)
  • Zomboss: Some evil zombie mastermind (i want to say alien mastermind but he's no alien), ???? years old (M)
  • Lyssa: Sunflower, 18 years old (F)
  • Thecoolguy81: A direct neighbor of Crazy Dave. Further info about his cyborg nature is classified OH WHAT AM I SAYING! Fine I'll also tell you he has a secret crush on Lyssa. (M)
  • The Zombies: random zombies of all types, age varies (M/F)
  • Polson: Laser Bean, 17 years old (M)
  • Crazy Dave: Who else? (M)
  • Lambda: Gatling Peashooter, 22 years old (M)
  • Ron: Bamboo Shoot, 14 years old (M)
  • Laura: Fire Peashooter, 15 years old (F)
  • Icicle: Ice Repeater (fires 2 ice peas at once), 18 years old (F)
  • Kitty (Princess Kitty): Sunflower, about around 10 years old (i got this all from a picture) (F)

From Episode 2:

  • Mummy Zombie, ???? years old
  • Purple Flag Zombie (Flag Zombie with a Purple flag. Brain is still the same color)
  • Major Coneage (Coneage=Carnage, but cone related. Commander of the Conehead Zombies)
  • Black Cat (I own one myself), 5 years old
  • White Cat (I don't own this type)
  • Thecoolguy81's zombie duplicate. SPOILER ALERT: Not nearly as strong.
  • Bukkit: Commander of the Buckethead zombies, 21 years old

Now with:

  • Whacko: Bonk Choy, 17 years old

Fanfic Edit


Zomboss: Opens the door. Fires paintball minigun.

Lyssa: Fires solar flare ray from Garden Warfare.

Zomboss: AAAAAAAGGGGGGGH!!!!!!! *gets killed by the sun power*

Lyssa: I... did it!

PA System: Code SOUP, code SOUP! Zomboss is dead!!


Black Cat, White Cat, and Purple Flag Zombie: Walking across the sidewalk.

???: WANT BRAINS!!! Smashes door to lab down.

Chapter 4: Petal to the Metal Edit

Lyssa: Where's my exploding background? I WANT AN EXPLODING BACKGROUND!

Thecoolguy81: Not yet, not yet. And SURPRISE!

The back wall blows up, creating that explosion while you slowly walk away effect like in the movies.

Lyssa: Oh you're the best at this! Hugs Thecoolguy81.

<insert name here>: Well, well, well. WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME ABOUT YOUR SECRET CRUSH?!?!?

Thecoolguy81: What?!?!

<insert name here>: Once this is done, I'm telling all the plants.

Thecoolguy81: Nope. Fires dehydration blaster.

<insert name here>: Gets turned into a small cube.

Thecoolguy81: Time to punt something.


<insert name here>: Lands in Shorepoint Lake, and thus is rehydrated back into his true form...

The flying RV.

All plants except <insert name here>: Gets in the RV.

Thecoolguy81: Crazy Dave, do you have the keys?

Crazy Dave: Zomboss was crazy enough to not confiscate them!

Thecoolguy81: Steals the keys and starts the car.

Back in Suburbia at 3:30 AM...

Thecoolguy81: Drops off all the plants and returns the RV to Crazy Dave, then goes home.

The bedroom.

Thecoolguy81: Goes to sleep mode.

Lyssa: Sleeps beside Thecoolguy81.

To be continued... Edit

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