• Peashooter
  • Sunflower
  • Squash
  • Snow Pea
  • Potato Mine
  • Dr. Zomboss
  • Meep The Imp
  • Pail The Buckethead Zombie
  • Roed The Conehead Zombie
  • Wavee The Flag Zombie

Story Edit

( Setting: Zomboss Labratory )

( Zomboss is nervously pacing back and forth in frustration )

Zomboss: Urgh! How will I ever get the brains I so desperately crave from Crazy Dave when those rapscallion plants keep foiling my vicious plans?!

( Pail runs in with his bucket covering his eyes. )

Pail: Something's wrong, sir! There is no light to be seen! I'm going blind! BLIND I TELL YOU! How will I EVER fight for brains now?! HOW WILL I?!?

Zomboss: ( sighs ) You'll fight with your bucket not covering your EYES so you can SEE what you are doing! ( lifts bucket up )

Pail: Oh. By the way, any plans yet? None?

Zomboss: What do you think, scraphead?!

Pail: Geez, don't be so hard on us.

Zomboss: I don't have to be. You already have a hard head, steel for brains!

( Roed lurches in with the cone over his eyes. )


( Zomboss sighs and lifts the cone without saying anything. )

Roed: Oh thanks. You see- ( Zomboss interrupts him )

Zomboss: Not. One. Word.

( Zomboss starts to pace back and forth again while Pail and Roed walk out of the office. )

( Wavee dashes in with his flag... you know where. )

Wavee: Halp! I've gone BLIND!

( Setting: Plant's Lawn )

( Peashooter is relaxing and sipping a lemonade. )

Peashooter: It's been a while since the zombies attacked. What do you think they are doing right now?

Sunflower: Dunno. Probably unblinding each other.

( Setting: Zomboss Labratory )

( Zomboss has kicked all the zombies out and locked the door. )

Zomboss: Now that I have some peace, I need to figure out a way to unearth the solution to my problems, to dig deep into my conciousness to find the perfect plan... I need to see the roots of the situation... and drill into the answer that will help me achieve brains... Aha! I've got it! ( runs to the kitchen )

Zomboss: This will help me in my quest greatly! ( drinks a glass of lemonade ) Ahhhh... that hit the spot.

Zomboss: Now for my true master plan: BUILD A DRILL! I will drill to the center of the earth, detonate the core, and collect the brains using a rocketship to stay in space forever! MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

( Setting: Plant's Lawn )

( All plants relaxed, most sleeping )

Peashooter: It sure is a nice Saturday, isn't it Sunny?

Sunflower: It sure it...

( Potato Mine pops out of the ground in a state of panic )

Potato Mine: Did you feel that?! ( nervously glances around )

To be continued...

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