By Iamarepeater

He joins that funny program and ... read on to find out yourself.


Dr. Zomboss (Dr. Z)

Conehead zombie (Cone)

General Zombie #1 (GEN 1)

Giga-Imp (GI)


Chapter 1: Pre-program

At Dr. Zomboss's planning area:

Cone: Sir, what is your next crazy plan?

Dr. Z: I'm planning to join "Wipeout". I believe that with my body strength and brains, I will be able to defeat every obstacle. Anyone who thinks otherwise is advised to keep their mouth shut.

Cone: And how would you do so with safety and the map considered?

Dr. Z: Buckethead Lieutenant Zombie will ensure my safety and this map is smarter than all of your non-existance IQ level combined.

GEN 1: You need to be careful about your neck. I do not want you to suffer from neckaches.

Dr.Z: Fine. I will easily clear the course to protect my neck.

Cone: But sir, you are too dumb and weak to appear on Wipeout!

Dr. Z: Damn it Conhead, I'm much fitter and clever than you!

Cone: But I'm not taking part in Wipeout!

Dr. Z: You are know how f****** fit I am! So shut your fat face! I still have a brain unlike you mindless creatures which proves how fit I am!

Chapter 2: Outcome

Later on in Dr. Zomboss's office:

GI: Your appearance on Wipeout was a well a wipe out.

Dr.Z: Those hell-grade obstacles were hard to conquer. (plays first scene when Dr. Zomboss slipped and fell into the water) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (plays second scene when Dr. Zomboss was punched in the face into the mud) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (plays third scene where Dr. Zomboss tried bouncing on the giant red balls but miscalculated his jump) GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (plays forth scene where he let go of the rope at the wrong time and landed into the water, far from the goal) It was an epic fail! I failed at each of them! They sucked! Not only did I humliate myself on national TV, but now my neck is now killing me! It really hurts! Iamarepeater stole my painkillers! IAMAREPEATER! IAMAREPEATER! IAMAREPEATER!

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