Me: I decided to sell bread and pastries in the HQ but people thought it was Dr. Zomboss selling them.

Iamp (Giga Imp's cousin): Do you have any bread to give?

Dr. Zomboss: Do you think I look like the baker?

Iamp: Of course you do look like a baker.

Dr.Z: I don't look like one! What makes you think I am? You fool! Perhaps you have been eating too much bread. It's possible! Go ask Iamarepeater for your bread! IAMAREPEATER! (Smashes table) IAMAREPEATER! (Smashes table) IAMAREPEATER! (Smashes table)

(then Giga-Imp walks in)

Iamp: Hi cousin.

Dr.Z: Iamp, you can leave this room.

Iamp: Ok. (leaves room)

Dr.Z: So Giga-Imp, what brings you here?

GI: What were you ranting at my cousin?

Dr.Z: He asked me if I had any bread. I don't look like a baker so i sent him away. that was what happened. Anything else to ask?

GI: Do you sell cake?

Dr.Z: Go ask from Iamarepeater! IAMAREPEATER! (Smashes table) IAMAREPEATER! (Smashes table) IAMAREPEATER! (Smashes table)

(Giga-Imp leaves)

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