By: Iamarepeater

My first fanfic where a character gets grounded. Go ahead and make your own grounded fanfic. just put it under this category: Grounded fanfics


Iamarepeater (IA)

Dr. Zomboss (DZ)

Dr. Zomboss's mum and dad (Mum: DZM, Dad: DZD)

Pinkgirl234 (PG)

Milesprower2 (MP2)

Random zombies (could be from PVZ, PVZ2, PVZA, PVZO, PVZAS, PVZ2C, PVZGW. etc, etc)


Part 1

DZ: I am going to send all my zombie minions to kill everyone. (does that) In a few hours, my minions will give me all the people's brains.

(The whole world soon collasped and everyone died. The end! Actually, nearly everyone)

PG: (see zombies coming) Better escape and find someone to fight them off.

MP2: I agree. Let's go! (escapes with PG)

Part 2

(later on)

PG: OMG! Look at the destruction all around the world!

MP2: I have to agree. All the ruins. We're basically the last two survivors of this zombie apocalypse. (hear footsteps coming) Uh-oh! We're doomed!

(a shadowy figure appears before MP2 and PG)

MP2 and PG2: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Please don't eat us!

IA: Relax guys! It's just me. Why were both of you scared?

MP2: Because we're the last survivors of the apocalypse.

IA: Hmmmmmmm. Was it zombies?

MP2 and PG: yes!

IA: Follow me. Mine is the only safe zone from the zombies.

MP2 and PG: (hesitant but follows)

Part 3

(later on in Iamarepeater's houses)

IA: Tell me. What were most of the zombies like?

PG: Browncoat.

MP2: Grey.

IA: Let me think. (after a while) Grrrrrrr. It's Dr. Zomboss. He's so gonna be in trouble when I catch him! Let's go!

MP2 and PG: But we might die!

IA: I will protect you. Relax.

(they all move to Zomboss manor)

DZ: So my minions, where is the brains I seek?

Conehead zombie: Here it is master. (gives all the brains to Dr. Zomboss)

DZ: Tasty. (then suddenly hear some intense fighting at the lower level of the manor) Intruders! STOP THEM!

Conehead zombie: yes sir! (to the other zombies) Let's go!


IA: (zaps all zombies in his radius) That should be all. (sees more zombies coming down) Here's goes nothing. (unleashes his death blast power)

Conehead zombie and his troops: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (dies)

MP2 and PG: Wow! You're powerful.

IA: Thanks but hurry. We got to save those brains! (they all go upstairs)

Part 4

DZ: (Sees Iamarepeater, Milesprower2 and Pinkgirl234 coming) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

IA: Release those brains!

DZ: Never!

IA: Ok. (deals stare of agony)

DZ: (in agony) Ok ok ok. I will return. (does that)

IA: (used magic to return all the brains back to their owners) I have revived everyone. Dr. Zomboss, how dare you attempted to kill everyone! That's it! I'm calling your parents now!

DZ: NO! (x10)

IA: Your parents are here Dr. Zomboss.

DZM: Dr. Zomboss, how dare you tried to kill everyone!

DZD: That's it! We're grounding you for 7127128904212902420101828348695421469241682148921 years!

DZM: Go to your room now!


DRD: Thanks Iamarepeater. You managed to save the whole world.

IA: No problem. Now I will be off. (leaves)

PG and MP2: I think we should leave too. (leaves)

The end.

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