By Iamarepeater

Future zombie invites Zombie King, Zomboss (those two were last seen in jail for speeding), Princess Bikini (she's Zombie King's daughter) and envoy at his mansion for dinner but something unexpected happens.


Envoy: (flys in) Your majesty, Future Zombie and his minions has invited us over for dinner.

Zombie King: Hmmmmmmmm. I wonder what's for dinner.

Envoy: It is written: Only Milesprower2 is for dinner.

Zomboss: Great! I will grab my knife and fork!

Envoy: There is no time. Or else dinner will burn.

Zomboss: How about some dead tree rocks for pudding?

Bikini: You got to be kidding!

Zomboss: (sniggering)

(A while later)

Envoy: (flying everyone) I hope Future Zombie and his minions made Milesprower2 filling.

(At Future Zombie's mansion)

Future Zombie: Join me Zomboss and I will make the greatest meal in Brainman.

Zomboss: Oh boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat lotsa and lotsa and lotsa of Milesprower2 and his clones.

Future Zombie: Great!

Burt: Your highness, I ate all of Milesprower2 and his clones. Not one single left in the world.

Future Zombie: NO! NO! NO! NO! (slow motion) NO! (back to normal here) YOU MUST DIE! (shoots Burt through his head and his heart with a Stormtrooper Blaster)

Burt: ARGH! (dies)

Future Zombie: We can eat the traitor for dinner.

Zomboss: Great!

(later on)

Zomboss: (hits a gong nearby)

Bikini: (woken up) What happened?

Zomboss: We're about to have a feast.

Bikini: Great!

(At dinner)

Everyone (except for burt): (laughs)

The end


This is based on a video I watched.

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