Created by Pyroky. Dawn of Plantica is the story that tells about the birth of Plantica, the early life of plantica and how she became the Goddess of the Plants.


  • Plantica
  • Quo Jein
  • Kilo Noah

Part 1: BirthEdit

Setting: Germany, Europe.  Date: 2000 BDP

In Germany, there was a farmer called Quo Jein. Quo was born in 2011 BDP. Quo was a orphan and he became a farmer in 2001 BDP. In 2000 BDP Quo found a glowing green seed on the ground. He did not know where the seed came from but he knew that the seed came from the sky. Quo toke the seed and showed it to the king of Germany.

The King: What is that?

Quo: It is a magical seed I found on the ground.

The King: Where did it came from?

Quo: I think it came from the sky.

The King: Very welll. I dont need it. You can have it. Grow it and show it to me.

As soon as the king said to grow it Quo ran to his garden, putted the seed in the soil and watered the seed. At the night when Quo was asleep: The seed grew to a plant.

Plantica: Huh? What? Who am I? I must be a anthrophomic plant adopted by a human. I better greet my father.

Even in her first 10 minutes she can talk.


  • Dawn of Plantica is set 3994 years before the events of the first PvZ.

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