Species: Human

Age: Assumed 25 years old.

Personality: Crazy man does not have personality right?


Species: Pikachu

Age: 20 years old.

Personality: Friendly, Scaredy.


Species: Human.

Age: Same as Dave.

Personality: Fierce, Unfriendly.


Species: Zombie.

Age: 30 years old.

Personality: Fierce, Genius.


Species: Cockroach.

Age: Less 1 year than Dave.

Personality: Fierce, Bookworm.

Dee Dee

Species: Cockroach.

Age: less 2 years than Joey.

Personality: Similiar to a trash can, for food.


Species: Cockroach

Age: less 3 years than Joey.

Personality: Brandy drinker, Likes candy.


Species: Cat.

Age: 18 years old.

Personality: Scaredy, Weak.


Species: Human

Age: Same as Dave

Personality: Brave, Creepy.


Species: Human

Age: More 1 year than Dave

Personality: Scaredy, Genius.


Species: Star

Age: 23

Personality: Genius, Playful

Om Nom

Species: He,s an alien. (Possibly a frog)

Age: possibly 20

Personality: Playful, Devour-it-all.


Species: Robot

Age: Is it logic that robot have ages?

Personality: Genius, Crazy.


Species: Robot

Age:Same as Doraemon

Personality: Wreaking havoc, Fierce


Species: Robot

Age: Same as Doraemon

Personality: Wreaking havoc, Werewolfish

Dora Wan

Species: Robot

Age: Same as Doraemon

Personality: Calm, Naive

Dora Eru Mata

Species: Robot

Age: Same as Doraemon

Personality: Fierce, Selfish


Species: Robot

Age: Same as Doraemon

Personality: Calm, Fierce


Species: Robot

Age: Same as Doraemon

Personality: Calm, Selfish


Species: Koopa

Age: 30

Personality: Brave, Fierce


Species: Beanish

Age: 20

Personality: Scaredy, greedy and tricky


Species: Beanish

Age: 25

Personality: Selfish, Unfriendly, insane


Species: Nightmare, Bat

Age: 29

Personality: Fierce, Selfish


Species: Cat

Age: Less 1 year than Oggy

Personality: Friendly, Secret keeper.


Species: Robot

Age: Is it logic that robot have ages?

Personality: Friendly, Slefish

The Nommies

Species: Alien ( ??? )

Age: Same as Om Nom

Personality: Depended


Species: Spider

Age: Same as Om Nom

Personality:Lazy, Thieffy

Episode 1: The Doraemons

A normal day.

A portal appears and spits Doraemonish peoples.

Dora-zakitsudo: Where are we?

Dora Eru Mata: No idea

Doraemon: Guys!

Dora-nikofu: Kov?

Doraemon: Dora-nikofu? You still can,t talk. Hehe.

Dave: Who are they?

Doraemon: They are Za Doraemonzu.

Dave: Stop talking Japanese!

Doraemon: Let,s play.

Dora zakitsudo: What game?

Doraemon: Magic cloth!

All: k

Episode 2: Dora-nikofu can talk.

One day

Dave: Grrr.... gonna fix Satellite-shroom.

Coby: What are you doing?

Dave: Fixing satellite

Coby: Who wins the world cup 2014?

Dave: I hate football!

Oggy: Guys!

Dave: What?

Oggy: Joey!

Dave: At least it is not Meowth.

Coby: Gonna check it up.

Dave: No, don,t.

Oggy: Gee...

Dave: Look! Dora-nikofuu!

Dora-nikofuu: Whats the matter?

All: He... can... talk?... now?... Wargh!!!!!

End Episode 2

Episode 3: Popple wants to destroy Friendship telecard?

One day

Popple: They sure have a lot of friendship.

Antasma: That is what happen if you hold friendship telecard. Let me see almanac.

Almanac: Señryu telecard. Known as friendship telecard. It is a legendary item that when you and your friend hold it, both of you will have a lot of friendship counts. It actually found under far far away in the sea.

Popple: A lot of friendship? Do it has weakness?

Almanac: By using collapsing telecard.

Popple: Amount of all?

Almanac: 7

Popple: Darn.

Almanac: Also, it can be used in several situations.

Popple: Example?

Almanac: Cooking, Collapsing, Building, etc.

Popple: Wow thats a lot. Now, I'LL DESTROY IT!!!

Antasma: WWWHHHAAATTT???!!!

Popple: I'm going right now.

Popple goes to the doraemons's field.


Doraemon: No we can,t.

Popple: I'll kill Playing Dora!

Doraemon: Who is he?

Popple: A fanon Doraemon character made by writer's best friend.

Doraemon: He's not one of us.

Popple: SHUT UP!

Doraemon: Dorazakitsudo! Fire!

Dora-zakitsudo: Okay! Fire!

Popple flies away

Popple: I,m going to blasting of alone!

End Episode 3

Movie 3: Journey to the West