This was created by Timmy Hclam. Have any questions? Ask it in my message-wall.

Description Edit

This takes part in the Tf2 universe, as Engineer tries to find a new way to prevent his sentries from being sapped. He finds a peashooter as a replacement, though... and all of the Peashooter family members...

Settings n' stiff Edit

Locations Edit

2Fort (Robot Invasion) Monday

Badwater (Flooded) Monday

2Fort (Cloudy) Tuesday

Bigrock (Evening Heavy Rain; discovery of the Peashooter Family, with a Sunflower and a Laser Bean) Tuesday

Mannhattan (Robot Invasion; Sunny) Wednesday

Bigrock (Rainy) Wednesday

2Fort (Robot Invasion; Rainy) Thursday

Unknown Secret Portal around Mexico (Where the Gravel Wars used to be) Sunday

Characters Edit

Tavish Finnegan DeGroot (Demoman)

Dell Conagher (Engineer)

Barrister Jane Doe (Soldier)

Rick(?) Mundy (Sniper)

Spy (Name Unknown)

(Possibly) Judas (Scout)

Medic (Name Unknown)

Mikhail (Heavy)

Pyro (Gender and name unknown)

Plants Edit






Laser Bean

Bolt-Weed (mentioned?)

Chapter 1: Freaking Spy-bot Sappers! Edit

Engineer: (in middle of battle) This battle is in a PAIN in the butt!

Spy-bot: Did you forget about ME!? Hahahahaha!

Engineer: Spy sapping my sentry!

(Sentry Explodes)

Engineer: (Dramatic) NoooAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I will get you for this!

Spy-bot: (Shot in the head) AaaOOOOOOWWWHH! *Dies*

Engineer: (Looking at sapped dispenser and teleporter) Dagging-Dag-Faging Dag-nabbit! *Throws into a crazy-fit that lasts 5 seconds)

Peashooter: (from a distance) What's wrong with him?

Repeater: I don't know.

Chapter 2: Badwater Badlucks Edit

Engineer: Badwater's badluck rain! Again! 3rd time this year!

Spy: Anything good, Delly?

Engineer: Nope. Just rain... just nothing... and those f***ing spy-bots are annoying!

Spy: So do they annoy me.

Engineer: What?

Spy: They act so... ridiculous. Sometimes, all they do is stand there and do nothing, as making the spies overly suspicious. I sapped them all.

Engineer: For a French Pers-

Spy: That is, RACIST in many ways.

(Suddenly, the rain increases dramatically, making the shops close)

Engineer: Aw, hell...

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