UnarmedPotatoMine This fanfic is currently under construction!

This story is based on Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time.

Created by Ariq1144.


  • Crazy Dave
  • Basic Zombie
  • Conehead Zombie
  • Buckethead Zombie
  • Potato Mine
  • Penny
  • Dr. Zomboss
  • Mummy Zombie
  • Conehead Mummy
  • Buckethead Mummy
  • Sunflower
  • Peashooter
  • Wall-nut
  • Ra Zombie


The story of a man...

And a machine.

A Time Machine!

One day, a crazy garden genius meet his destiny.

He found a hot sauce!

And finally ate his magical taco...

But, he wants to eat it again!

So, his time traveling adventure begins...

But, is it that simple?

Chapter 1: I Found A Hot Sauce!Edit

One day, at Neighborville...

*Alarm clock rings*

Crazy Dave: "Zzz- Wait, what? Oh, it's you again."

*Crazy Dave smash the alarm clock*

Crazy Dave: "Another morning with another plants and another zombies..."

*Meanwhile, at the lawn...*

Basic Zombie: "Brainz... Brainz... BRAINZ!"

Conehead Zombie: "Hey, check this out! I found this roadcone to protect my head!"

Basic Zombie: "Hey, we know that ages ago."

Buckethead Zombie: "Yeah, have you upgraded to a bucket? It's stronger than your cone."

Conehead Zombie: "Hey, at least it's not rusty like your junk bucket!"

Buckethead Zombie: "Hey! Don't call me that, ice cream cone!"

Conehead Zombie: "Shut up, painter! You do know that the red thing on your bucket is paint, right?"

Buckethead Zombie: "You shut up! Uh... Have you seen my bucket?"

Basic Zombie: "I don't know with you guys, but I'll go eat the plantz now."

Conehead Zombie: "Okay, we will go at the end. I SAY CONE'S BETTER!"

Buckethead Zombie: "No! IT'S BUCKET!"

Conehead Zombie: "I'll proof cone's better. Watch and learn!"

*Conehead Zombie go to the lawn*

A few minutes later...

Conehead Zombie: "Argh!!!"

Buckethead Zombie: "Hahaha! Hey dude, what's happen?"

Conehead Zombie: "Alright, alright! My cone is weak. But is your bucket weaker?"

Buckethead Zombie: "What! You underestimate my power of bucket. See!"

*Buckethead Zombie go to the lawn and stepped on a Potato Mine, then explode*

Buckethead Zombie: "Argh! Alright! You can have my hot sauce!"

Buckethead Zombie: "I planned to use it when I found brainz to eat! Argh!!!"

Crazy Dave: "Hmm? What's this?"

*Crazy Dave pick up the hot sauce*

Crazy Dave: "Ooh! It's a hot sauce!" *use the hot sauce on the taco*

Crazy Dave: "I've been holding onto this taco for forever!" *eats the taco*

Crazy Dave: "Oh! That was... AMAZING!"

Crazy Dave: "I want to eat THAT taco again! I need my TIME MACHINE!"

Penny: "Does somebody calls me?"

Crazy Dave: "Yeah! I want to eat my taco again!"

Penny: "Why didn't you just go and buy some more..."

Crazy Dave: "I want to eat the same taco!"

Penny: "Let me postulate, you wants to go back in time to eat your taco... again..."

Crazy Dave: "You're so smart! Now let's go after my taco!"

Then Crazy Dave and Penny time travels to go back in time to eat Crazy Dave's taco... again...

Conehead Zombie: "HAHA! I knew it! Crazy Dave with his time traveling RV will go back in time!"

Conehead Zombie: "And we'll see if he will be the only one who CAN travel in time... NOT!"

Then Conehead Zombie tell Dr. Zomboss all he saw...

Conehead Zombie: "So, Crazy Dave and his time traveling RV are..."

Dr. Zomboss: "Time traveling RV?"

Conehead Zombie: "Yep. Named Penny, are going to go back in time to get Crazy Dave's taco."

Dr. Zomboss: "He get crazier and crazier!"

Conehead Zombie: "Yeah! But what should we do?"

Dr. Zomboss: "Hmm... Well played, David. If he wants to go back in time, WE'LL go back in time too."

Conehead Zombie: "I don't get it. Since when we don't have a time machine-"

Dr. Zomboss: "Shut up! Hehe. Ghahaha! HAHAHAHAHA!!! MWUAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Chapter 2: The Ancient Egypt! Edit

Penny: "Welcome to Ancient Egypt!"

Penny: "Please wait 4500 years for your taco to be ready... more or less."

Crazy Dave: "That doesn't smell right."

Crazy Dave: "I'm sure my taco is around here somewhere, but in the meantime..."

Crazy Dave: "These plants were made for plantin'."

Meanwhile, at the deepest tombs...

Something has been awake...

Because it smells, the smell of tasty BRAINS!

Mummy Zombie: "Sniff! Sniff! Brainz? Sniifff! Brainz!"

Conehead Mummy: "Brainz?"

Buckethead Mummy: "Brainz?"

Mummy Zombie: "BRAAINZ!!!"

Then, the tombs is full of voices, growls, and groans,

Of the hungry Mummy Zombies that has been finally awaken from their long slumber...

Crazy Dave: "Wait, did you hear that?"

Penny: "What?"

Crazy Dave: "That! It's coming from the tombs!"

Penny: "..."

Then, they see some Mummy Zombies coming at them from the tombs...

Penny: "Umm... User Dave?"

Crazy Dave: "What?"

Penny: "Did you noticed that there are Mummy Zombies coming at us?"

Crazy Dave: "Of course. I know that will happen in the first place."

Penny: "Then why are you decided to live here across the tombs?"

Crazy Dave: "You say why? BECAUSE I'M CRAAAAAAAZY!"

Penny: "Not again."

Crazy Dave: "Maybe they have the taco! Maybe they steal it from me when I wasn't not looking!"

Penny: "..."

Crazy Dave: "Let's ask them first! And see if they have the taco with them!"

Penny: "I will not do it if I were you."

Crazy Dave: "Shut up, Penny! This is not the time for hunting squirbos! This is the time for TACO!"

*Crazy Dave go near to one of the Mummy Zombies*

Crazy Dave: "Excuse me, kind sir. Did you see my taco?"

Crazy Dave: "I'm sure it's around here somewhere."

Mummy Zombie: *Growls*

Crazy Dave: "Sorry, what was that?"

Mummy Zombie: "GrarrBRAINSarblarbl!"

Crazy Dave: "What?"

Mummy Zombie: "RurrarrBRAINZ!"

Crazy Dave: "Brains? Oh, no. I'm not looking for brains. I'm looking for my taco."

Mummy Zombie: "Yourr... BRAINZ!"

Crazy Dave: "My brains? Wait, something's wrong..."

Mummy Zombie: "Grrarrr..."

Crazy Dave: "You're wearing toilet papers!"

Mummy Zombie: "Get. That. BRAINZ!!!"

The Mummy Zombies: "BRAAAINZZ!!!"

Crazy Dave: "Uh-oh. This is not good. Not good at all."

After some moment...

Penny: "What is he doing? It took him a long time."

Crazy Dave: "PENNY!!!"

Penny: "Huh?"


The Mummy Zombies: "Mummybrainz..."

Penny: "Don't worry! I got bored while I was waiting for you, so I planted some plants."

Crazy Dave: "Oh, luckily!"

Crazy Dave: "My favorite taco holder is alright!"

Crazy Dave: "I was scared for a moment!"

Then, Sunflower produces suns for the Peashooters, Wall-nuts, and Potato Mines...

Crazy Dave: "One more mummy..."

Mummy Zombie: "Grargh!"

*A pea hit the Mummy Zombie's head, causing it to lose its head and die*

Crazy Dave: "Then, we're done!"

Penny: "That's it for today, User Dave!"

Crazy Dave: "Also, how did you plant those plants?"

Penny: "..."

Meanwhile... at the deepest part of the tombs...

Mummy Zombie: "My lord, they have been defeated us!"

Mysterious Voice: "Hmm... Don't worry, this is just the beginning."

Mummy Zombie: "They have those pesky plants that are protecting them!"

Mysterious Voice: "I know."

Mummy Zombie: "So, what should we do now?"

Mysterious Voice: "Hmm... You!"

Ra Zombie: "Who, me? Ra!"

Mysterious Voice: "Yes, you. You have the ability to steal suns, right, Ra Zombie?"

Ra Zombie: "Yes. Raa..."

Mysterious Voice: "Excellent. Then go and get me their brains tomorrow."

Ra Zombie: "Why tomorrow, my lord? Ra!"

Mysterious Voice: "We will plan something tonight."

Ra Zombie: "Good plan, my lord! Ra! Ra! Ra!"

To be continued...

UnarmedPotatoMine This fanfic is currently under construction!

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