Made by Mattycn.


Once in Dazville Crazy dave was watching the plants fight the zombies out from his window, The zombies got closer and closer, but more plants were growing and preventing this more, Crazy dave made some toast and then went to bed with his pan on. He wouldn't wake up for some reason so sunflower and bloomerang decided to investigate while the other plants fight, they went in but couldn't wake crazy dave up, They found a dream emulator on the coffee table (nobody knows why Crazy Dave would keep that) and decided to use it to see what was happening to Dave. They went into a dream where they were in a front yard, but it was huge and had a pond in the middle!  Zombies were comming by storm and the plants had to hide, they eventualy found crazy dave in the house and told him to wake up, eventualy he woke up, once he woke up he said, "Hello, I'm crazy dave but you can call me crazy dave." The plants knew he had amnesia at that point, The plants then told crazy dave about the player, he was confused but went with it. They told him about vasebreaker and Big trouble llittle zombie... Wallnut Bowling and Bungee Blitz... He still was confused, Then another survivor of the invasion came, the plants told him what to say to Dave in Crazyism language. He told him that and he was back on track. Then he was hit with a falling bucket from the roof from a buckethead zombie, and he got his memory back, he said then, "Plants, I had amnesia? Why? BECAUSE I'M CRAZY!"


  • Crazy daves first quote in the game is "Hello, I'm crazy dave, but you can call me crazy dave!" This is why this was used in this fanfic.

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