Made by: CompliensCreator00

This time, Comp interviews the Grave, which happens to be made of wheat!

Comp: Hello, Grain Grave!

Grain Grave: Wow, you don't look so great. You should see Heavenly Peach sometime soon.

Comp: Yeah, I know. I'm here to interview you.

Grain Grave: Wait, interview? You aren't a two-tai-

Comp: Yeah, I get that a lot... well... I got that twice, including your time.

Grain Grave: Oh... well continue on.

Comp: What do you do exactly?

Grain Grave: I bring back the dead!

Comp: Wait, aren't we supposed to be fighting zombies?

Grain Grave: No, no, no, I bring back PLANTS from the dead. Plants that work for you.

Comp: Is that why everyone recently has been scared of wheat and wheat by-products?

Grain Grave: Yeah, pretty much.

Zombie: (eats Magnifying Grass)

Comp: Well... now would be a nice time to show off your powers!

Grain Grave: I cant, it's not lunch hour yet.

Comp: Wait what?

Grain Grave: Sorry man, I only work on special occasions, usually ones with many zombies.

Comp: Great.


Grain Grave: Alright, it's eleven now. Seems like a time to revive your buddy.

Magnifying Grass: (rises from ground) Oh, how it feels so nice to be alive- er... undead? Whatever.

Comp: Nice to see you again1

Magnifying Grass: You too!

Peashooter: Hey guys, how's it going?

Comp and Magnifying Grass: Who are you?

Peashooter: I was planted here a while back. Oh man, not lunch hour. Why did it have to be lunch hour?

Comp: What's so bad about lunch hour?

Grain Grave: For zombies, Lunch Hour means "Whoever gets your brain first for lunch wins"

Comp: Wait, what?

(huge hoard of zombies approaches over the horizon)

Comp: Good thing that in that spare time I collected a lot of sun!

Magnifying Grass: (Fires off all the sun, killing all but a Buckethead Zombie)

Comp: Oh man, thid can't be good!

Peashooter: LEAVE IT TO MEEEEE!~

(shoots zombie, only hearing peas clang against the bucket)

Peashooter: Alright, you guys run while I handle this guy.

(Peas continue to remain ineffective against Buckethead zombie)

Comp: Here, take this.  (hands peashooter plant food)

Peashooter: Aww yeah! (Eats plant food and kills buckethead)

Comp: Alright, let's go over and interview switchgrass!

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