Made by: CompliensCreator00

This is the first interview of Comp's series, introducing the football-playing tumbleweed.

Comp: Well, hello there, Tackleweed.

Tackleweed: Hey, you're not a two-tailed fox, and why is your assistnt some kinda funny looking prism?

Magnifying Grass: Hey! What was that for?

Comp: Well you see, he says he's only doing most of the plants he knows about, and you're really obscure like-

Tackleweed: Whaddya' mean obscure? I'm on the title screen of Plants vs. Zombies 3!

Comp: That's the problem. That game haven't been made yet.

Tackleweed: Well you've been to the future! Was the game made then?

Comp: Well I haven't played much attention to that. I was fighting off Zombies!

Tackleweed: And not using MEEEEEE?

Comp: No... well...

Tackleweed: Yeah I figured. My friend Blover gets to do all the time-space stuff he wants but when Tackleweed wants to go time travelling, I just get left behind in this Smoky Dimension of sorts. At least there's enough Carbon Dioxide to suffice.

Magnifying Grass: Ah yes. So much easier to breathe.

(Magnifying Grass and Tackleweed continue chattering in the background)

Comp: At least you two have it easy. Try being a cyborg with a goofy hairstyle for a change. Who breathes oxygen.

Tackleweed: See what I mean? That wimp can't even breathe Carbon Dioxide!

Tackleweed and Magnifying Grass: (Laugh at Comp)

Comp: I'm the wimp? Well you guys can't even take in oxygen!

Tackleweed: Did you just call me a wimp? A WIMP?

Comp: Err... that's not what I mea-

(Gets smacked across the lawn)

Comp: (weakly) Tune in next time when we interview Grain Grave (coughs)

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