This is a story about Crazy Dave that got a cold and a "doctor" that trying to "heal" him.

Created by Ariq1144.


  • Dr. Zomboss
  • Crazy Dave
  • Snow Pea
  • Conehead Zombie
  • Peashooter
  • Wall-nut
  • Cob Cannon


Dr. Zomboss: "Mwuahaha!"

Crazy Dave: "Wabby wabbo."

Dr. Zomboss: "What?"

Snow Pea: "Dr. Zomboss! What did you bring this time!?"

Dr. Zomboss: "Greetings! Meet my latest invention: The Cold-inator Generator!"

Crazy Dave: "Wow!"

Dr. Zomboss: "This machine creates cold and sickness, then shoot it at the person you want to shoot!"

Crazy Dave: "Cool! How does it works?"

Dr. Zomboss: "First, grab the lever. Second, target the person. Third, SHOOT!"

*Dr. Zomboss shoot Snow Pea*

Snow Pea: "AAAHH!!!..."

Dr. Zomboss: "Yes, YES! Mwuahaha!..."

Snow Pea: "...Nothing happens?"

Dr. Zomboss: "...hahaha! Wait, what?"

Snow Pea: "I'm too cool for your junks!"

Dr. Zomboss: "Hmm... Maybe it doesn't work on ice-related plants... How about you?"

*Dr. Zomboss tries to shoot Crazy Dave, but hit his pot instead, then the cold ray reflected to himself*

Dr. Zomboss: "AAAHH!!!"

Crazy Dave: "Woah!"

Dr. Zomboss: "Sniff sniff! A-CHOO!!! Sniff!"

Snow Pea: "Hahaha!"

*Snow Pea shoots The Cold-inator Generator until it's destroyed*

Snow Pea: "There! I get rid of your junk! What will you do now?"

Dr. Zomboss: "Sniff! I'll go home. I'm not in the mood for this. Sniff!"

Crazy Dave: "Yay! We did it!"

Snow Pea: "Yeah!"

Crazy Dave: "..."

Snow Pea: "..."

Crazy Dave: "..."

Snow Pea: "..."

Crazy Dave: "...So..."

Snow Pea: "A-CHOO!!!!!"

*Snow Pea sneeze and accidentally shoot a frozen pea at Crazy Dave's face*

Crazy Dave: "Well, that wasn't so bad... A-CHOO!!! Sniff!"

Chapter 1: Zomboss's Cold PlanEdit

At the Zomboss Mansion...

Conehead Zombie: "DR. ZOMBOSS! DR. ZOMBOSS!"

Dr. Zomboss: "What? Sniff!"

Conehead Zombie: "Crazy Dave got a cold! Now's our chance to get his brainz!"

Dr. Zomboss: "How did he got a cold? My machine is destroyed and my plan is ruined!"

Conehead Zombie: "Snow Pea sneezes and shoot frozen pea at Crazy Dave's face!"

Dr. Zomboss: "Really!? Hahaha!!!"

Conehead Zombie: "Why did you use the 'hahaha' laugh instead of the 'mwuahaha' laugh?"

Dr. Zomboss: "Because when I use the 'mwuahaha' laugh, I come up with something evil. This time I don't."

Conehead Zombie: "Oh. Well, if Dave got a cold, he better call a doctor."

Dr. Zomboss: "Wait, THAT'S IT! MWUAHAHA!!!"

Conehead Zombie: "Are you come up with something evil?"

Dr. Zomboss: "Yes! How did you know?"

Conehead Zombie: "I'm special."

Dr. Zomboss: "If that's so, then you will be a part of this plan!"

Conehead Zombie: "NO! I DON'T WANT TO BE APART!"

Dr. Zomboss: "Not apart, a part!"

Conehead Zombie: "IT'S THE SAME THING!"

Dr. Zomboss: "No! There's a space between the... Forget it."

Conehead Zombie: "There's a space between the forget it? What?"

Dr. Zomboss: "Shut up."

Conehead Zombie: "Brainz."

Chapter 2: Dr. Conehead Iz HereEdit

At Crazy Dave's house...

Crazy Dave: "Sniff! Sniff!"

Peashooter: "Why do we always have to guard him while he is sick?"

Wall-nut: "I dunno? Maybe because you're a basic peashooting plant and I'm a defensive plant."

*Someone knocks the door*

Peashooter: "Who's that?"

*Peashooter opened the door and find Conehead Zombie that dresses like a doctor*

Conehead Zombie: "Hello! I am a... a... hmm...."

*Conehead Zombie reads something on his hand*

Conehead Zombie: "Doctor! Yes! I am a doctor!"

Peashooter: "I thought we didn't call any doctor? Who call you here?"

Conehead Zombie: "Dr. Zomb- I mean, The Plantz! Yes, The Plantz."

Peashooter: "Uh... Okay... I guess..."

*Peashooter and Conehead Zombie enter the house*

Wall-nut: "Hey Peashooter! Who's that?"

Peashooter: "He's a doctor! His name is... Who's your name?"

Conehead Zombie: "Conehead Zomb- Uh, I mean, Conie! My name is Doctor Conie!"

Wall-nut: "Dr. Conie? Who call you here?"

Conehead Zombie: "Dr. Zombplant! I mean, Dr. Plantboss! Um, wait... What was I'm saying again?"

Peashooter: "Doctor, if you don't mind, I'll have a little private chat with Wall-nut."

Conehead Zombie: "No problemz. Brainz."

Peashooter: "(Wall-nut! Do you think there's something suspicious about this doctor?)"

Wall-nut: "(Yeah, I do find something... suspicious, about him...)"

Peashooter: "(What are we gonna do?)"

Wall-nut: "(I don't know! Dave is sick and we have a doctor. Let's leave it to the doctor.)"

Peashooter: "(Okay, but I still think this doctor is suspicious!)"

Wall-nut: "(Sigh.)"

Peashooter: "Doctor, can you heal Dave?"

Conehead Zombie: "Huh? What? Who's talking? Mom? Is that you?"

Peashooter: "Um, Doctor?"

Conehead Zombie: "Mom! No! Please! No more dishes!"

Peashooter: "Doctor Conie? Hello? It's me, Peashooter! And I'm not your mom!"

Conehead Zombie: "Huh? What? Who? Oh, it's you. I was scared for a second."

Peashooter: "Uh... How about you just heal Dave?"

Conehead Zombie: "Oh, yez! That iz right! You are smart!"

Peashooter: "Heheh. (What is wrong with him?) Don't mind it."

Conehead Zombie: "What are his disease?"

Peashooter: "Um, you're the doctor. You're the one who supposed to find out."

Conehead Zombie: "Yez! Wait a minute, let me check it..."

Peashooter: "He got a cold-"

Conehead Zombie: "I KNOWZ! HE GOT A COLD!"

Peashooter: "...I just say that..."

Wall-nut: "Um, Doctor? I have a question."

Conehead Zombie: "What?"

Wall-nut: "Why did you wear a big cone-shaped hat?"

Conehead Zombie: "Becauze it'z a symbol of medic. Do you see the red symbol on it?"

Wall-nut: "Yes, but... Uh, why do the red symbol shaped like a brain?"

Conehead Zombie: "No it's not! It's a red plus symbol, which means medic!"

Wall-nut: "Um... Okay then."

Conehead Zombie: "Good. Now you two can leave the room while I eat his br- I mean, heal him."

Wall-nut: "Uh... Sure. No problem."

*Peashooter and Wall-nut leave the room, leaving Crazy Dave and Conehead Zomb- I mean, Dr. Conie*

Chapter 3: You're Not A Doctor!Edit

Peashooter: "Are you sure he's gonna be alright?"

Wall-nut: "Don't worry, we got a doctor! They're gonna be all fine."

Peashooter: "Yeah, but, what if the doctor is a... Zombie!?"

Wall-nut: "That's silly! There's no way Dr. Conie is a zombie! Unless..."

Peashooter: "Unless what?"

Wall-nut: "...HIS MOM MAKE HIM WASH THE DISHES! Hahaha!"

Peashooter: "That's not funny! I'm serious! He's a zombie, you know!"

Wall-nut: "And what make you think of that?"

Peashooter: "It's obvious! Let's see him for a sec."

*Peashooter and Wall-nut opened the door and see Dr. Conie using a pepper on Crazy Dave's head*

Peashooter: "Doctor? What are you doing?"

Conehead Zombie: "Uh... I... Um... Is healing him!"

Peashooter: "Why did you use pepper on his head?"

Conehead Zombie: "It's a healing method! I... Uh... Use it on his head to... Uh... Reduce his pain! Yes!"

Peashooter: "I never heard something like if you use pepper on someone's head it will reduce his pain."

Conehead Zombie: "Becauze it'z special! And I'm the only one who know it! So nobody else don't!"

Peashooter: "To be honest, are you a zombie?"

Conehead Zombie: "Yes! I mean, NO! I mean, what?"

Peashooter: "(See? He's a zombie!)"

Wall-nut: "(I don't know, Peashooter. He's a doctor.)"

Peashooter: "(I'll proof it. See.) Hey, Doctor?"

Conehead Zombie: "Yeah?"

Peashooter: "PEA!" *shoots Conehead Zombie*

Conehead Zombie: "Hey! That's not good! Ow! Ouch! Grarh!!!"

Peashooter: "See? He's a zombie! Why do you think he's groaning and stare like he's hungry for brains?"

Wall-nut: "Probably because... HE WANT TO EAT BRAINS!!! RUN!!!"

Conehead Zombie: "BRAINZ!!!"

*Peashooter and Wall-nut runs outside the house with Conehead Zombie chasing them*

Wall-nut: "HEEELP!!!"


Conehead Zombie: "Did someone say brainz? BRAAAINZ!!!"

Peashooter: "Gah! And a zombie one."

Cob Cannon: "Did someone say zombie?"

Peashooter & Wall-nut: "COB CANNON!!!"

Conehead Zombie: "Uh-oh. Me don't want Cob Cannon. Me want brainz."

*Cob Cannon launch a corn cob at Conehead Zombie*

Conehead Zombie: "WELP!!!"


Peashooter & Wall-nut: "Yay!"

Chapter 4: Dave's AlrightEdit

Peashooter: "Thanks, Cob Cannon!"

Wall-nut: "Yeah!"

Cob Cannon: "Don't mention it. I know this doctor is fake at the first place."

Crazy Dave: "Yawn... What's all this commotion?"

Peashooter & Wall-nut: "CRAZY DAVE!!!"

Crazy Dave: "What?"

Peashooter: "How about your cold?"

Crazy Dave: "I'm fine. I just need some rest. Blame Snow Pea. YOU'RE GREAT, SNOW PEA!!!"

Snow Pea: "Yeah. I'm fine too. I just need some rest."

Crazy Dave: "How about the doctor? Where is he?"

Peashooter: "He's right there!"

Conehead Zombie: "D-Did somebody call a d-doctor?"

Peashooter: "Nope!"

Conehead Zombie: "Well then, I think I will just go now and-"

Wall-nut: "Not so fast!"

Peashooter: "Yeah! You're a fake doctor! And we will give you the taste of your own medicine..."

*Peashooter points an injection needle at Conehead Zombie*

Conehead Zombie: "Uh... I don't get it."

Peashooter: "Oh, you'll get it in a second!"



Conehead Zombie: "Doctur Zombouss, Dacther Zambasz... Argh..."

Dr. Zomboss: "What happens? Sniff!"

Conehead Zombie: "They give me the taste of my own medicine..."

Dr. Zomboss: "What?"

Conehead Zombie: "And I've learned that 'the taste of my own medicine' means an injection needle..."

Dr. Zomboss: "Huh? Sniff!"

Conehead Zombie: "I've been peashooted, Cob Cannon-ed, and the taste of my own medicine-ed..."

Dr. Zomboss: "Sniff!"

Conehead Zombie: "Hey, Dr. Zomboss! I see you haven't recovered from your cold."

Dr. Zomboss: "Nope!"

Conehead Zombie: "How about I help you?" *points an injection needle at Dr. Zomboss*

Dr. Zomboss: "Uh... What are you gonna do with that injection needle?"

Conehead Zombie: "Nothing, just a 'taste of your own medicine'... Hahaha."

Dr. Zomboss: "Conehead? Don't be kidding around right now! Conehead? Conehead!"

Conehead Zombie: "My name is not Conehead. My name is..."

*A lightning strike*

Conehead Zombie: "DR. CONIE!!! MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!"

Dr. Zomboss: "AAAAAHHH!!!!!"

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