Location: Plant City Studios (Open air)

Cob Cannon audition and why he failed.

Cast: Iamarepeater (from what he saw) , director, Golden Peashooter and Golden Sunflower

Director: ACTION!

(Play Zombie on your lawn)

(When Cob Cannon make his appearances) Cob Cannon: Cob Cannon

(Continue music until the countdown) Cob Cannon: 3....2....1....Ininating (Release the cob in his mouth)

Then, there is a giant missle fired. We all saw this missle fired then it came down then......

Link: (Add nuclear bomb internet meme here)

Me: AHHHHHHHHHHH! (Blown off)



Director: (Who cares about him)

Result: A huge cracter can be seen and of course Cob Cannon failed the audition.

Note: Golden Peashooter, Golden Sunflower and I survived the nuke exxplosion. We lived.

VTE Iamarepeater's fanfics

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