Author's note: Because I named the Chemist as Dr. Ernest, I decided to write "Chemist" as "Dr. Ernest" or "Ernest" to prevent confusions. However, the title should be kept as "Chemist Interview" because Dr. Ernest is not a real name of him.


  • Rufus
  • Dr. Ernest

The interview

R: "Hi, Dr. Ernest! Glad that you come on time here."

Ernest: "Hi. Well, I went from my house at around 5 AM so that's why."

R: "Oh. Well, let's begin the interview."

Ernest: "OK."

R: "So, what's your full name? You never told me about that before."

Ernest: "My name is Ernest Huntington."

R: "Do you have a middle name?"

Ernest: "No."

R: "OK. And, when were you born?"

Ernest: "I was born on July 21, 1991, so that means I'm 24 now."

R: "You're so young!"

Ernest: "Yup."

R: "I wanna ask, why did you want to be a chemist? I mean, it's a kinda dangerous job since those chemical stuff may be radioactive, corrosive, or simply dangerous."

Ernest: "When I was a teen, I always liked the chemistry. I mean, having some experiments with those stuff are really fun. I knew the basics of it in school, but I wanted to know more, since I wanted to make some fun things like making dry ice, liquid nitrogen, etc."

R: "Have you ever made those stuff?"

Ernest: "Yeah. I even managed to make liquid carbon dioxide, liquid oxygen, solid nitrogen, and much more."

R: "How were they look like?"

Ernest: "Well, they just look white, with the exception of liquid oxygen, since it has a sky blue color. That's one of the reason why the sky's color is sky blue."

R: "Awesome! Have you ever mixed them with other stuff, like juice or some food coloring, then exposing them in open air, or maybe drinking them?"

Ernest: "Well, haven't tried that yet, but probably they'll just gassify. You can't drink them, since they're really cold and may cause frostbite."

R: "What do you do when there's a spare time?"

Ernest: "Well. I... taste-test those unstable chemical concoctions."

R: "WHAT THE HELL? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Those things can be dangerous for your health!"

Ernest: "Um... yeah. Some of them taste pretty nice, but on the other hand, they taste really awful."

R: "Well, then have you tried to taste the hydrochloric acid, or maybe sulfuric acid?"

Ernest: "Hell no! I avoid taste-testing dangerous materials!"

R: "Liquid gallium?"

Ernest: "It's so bitter, and I couldn't stand the taste. I drank it actually."

R: "What the f**k. Hey, by the way, have you ever heard a YouTube channel named TAOFLEDERMAUS?"

Ernest: "Yeah. It's a channel dedicated to crazy chemistry experiments and gun mods, right?"

R: "Uh-huh. Are you their subscriber?"

Ernest: "Obviously. I like his videos."

R: "OK. Well, because I'm running out of time, I need to end this. I need to go to the airport in 30 minutes. Thanks for taking the time to come here and having some interview."

Ernest: "You're welcome."

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