Camping PvZ is a fanfic by User:Mattycn


  • Sunflower
  • Melon Pult
  • Repeater
  • Winter Melon
  • Marigold
  • Umbrella Leaf
  • Hypnotised Cactus (x5)
  • Zombies
  • Conehead Zombies
  • Buckethead Zombies
  • Newspaper Zombies
  • Flag Zombie
  • Dr Zomboss
  • Crazy Dave

​The StoryEdit

Scene 1: The Garden

Repeater: I'm Sick of all these Zombies

Melon Pult: Just Stay Positive, we will be out of this soon!

Repeater: No... I'm literally being sick!

Melon Pult: Oh... Theres a recycle bin over there

Sunflower: Just one second, got to call crazy dave

Melon Pult: Okay then, how long will you be gone, we need the sun

Sunflower: You wont need sun where we're going...

Scene 2: Crazy Daves house

Sunflower: Crazy Dave?

Crazy Dave: What Sunflower?

Sunflower: Can we go camping, a break from the zombies?

Crazy Dave: Sure!

Scene 3: In the Twiddlydinkles Van

Melon Pult: Why is it even called Twiddlydinkles?

Winter Melon: I don't know

Crazy Dave: Because I'm CRAZZYYYY!

Melon Pult: We could of guessed that...

Crazy Dave: Bad weather comming now, are you safe in the boot

Repeater: As long as you dont hit us with a boot...

Sunflower: Yeah

*Theres a Crackle outside*

Winter Melon: Storm!!! Storm!!! I hate storms, AAA!!!!

Repeater: Stupid, Its only a bit of lightning...

Crazy Dave: A bit of lightning reed, he's been zapping lately at the area behind the car

Winter Melon: Oh

At the camping forest

Winter Melon & Repeater: Lets set up the tent

Melon Pult: Yeah... Sunflower and Marigold are playing Loves me not or something

Repeater: Ok.. theres the tent up, and its still raining, we better go inside

Melon Pult: Obviously

Lightning Reed: I'm going to stay outside with sunflower and marigold

The Next Day

Winter Melon: Hey... Wheres Lightning Reed

Sunflower (from the other tent): She must of forgot to come in

Repeater: Where is she?

Melon Pult: What do you think we are asking

Sunflower: Me and marigold are going to fetch a pail of water tonight

Melon Pult: Ok

Repeater: Atleast im not doing it

Marigold: I'm too busy making coins to buy the bucket right now

Sunflower: YOU TALKED?

Marigold: I did yesterday when we played love me knot

Sunflower: oh

Repeater: Oooh its love me knot! Whats that?

Marigold: Don't know

The Next Day

Repeater: Wheres sunflower and marigold?

Melon Pult: They didn't come back from fetching the water

Winter Melon (outside): The tents deflated

Melon Pult: Theres a zombie head inside

Winter Melon: Eww!

Repeater: Its a sign of manlyness

Melon Pult: I'm not going out

Repeater: Im staying out to prove nothings going to happen, its manly

Melon Pult: Okay me too

Winter Melon: No!

That Night

Winter Melon: Huh

Winter Melon: I thought I saw melon pult and repeater being dragged by... cacti? I better follow them

Winter Melon: Going into a cave? I better follow

Repeater(Whispering): Psst Melon Pult, its wintermelon!

Melon Pult: Save me

Winter Melon: Okay


Zombies: Brainzzz

Winter Melon: Run!

Cursed Cacti: Snipe 'em!

Winter Melon: Dodge The Bullets, Matrix Style!

Melon Pult: What about Sunflower, Marigold, Lightning Reed or Crazy Dave

Winter Melon: Crazy Dave was removed from the story, and for the storys sake I also got sunflower, marigold and lightning reed!

Zomboss: You can't escape

Winter Melon Hits a TV above him with a winter melon and the TV falls on zomboss, making him faint

All Plants: We are out! Lets go

Zomboss wakes up and puts a curse spell on sunflower, and she hasn't been the same since


  • The End is a refrence to Sunflowers Secret by A zombie and Revenge of sunflower by the same author of this page.
    • This can be said as a prequil to it
  • The TV is controlled by the Zombie Engineer
  • Lightning reed is only a background character, so she isn't in the character list
    • When there is a storm in the van, lightning reed is shooting at zombies showing the zombies have followed them

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