This is a story about some plants that are going camping, while the zombies are trying to scare them.

Created by Ariq1144.

Characters Edit

  • Starfruit
  • Peashooter
  • Squash
  • Jalapeno
  • Rangerhead Zomblis
  • Basic Zombie
  • Conehead Zombie
  • Buckethead Zombie
  •  ??? (possibly a secret camera)
  • Scary Scarecrow
  • Pumpkin
  • Dr. Zomboss

Prologue Edit

One day, on the lawn...

Starfruit: "Peashooter! Peashooter!"

Peashooter: "What is it?"

Starfruit: "I got a free ticket of camping in the wilderness! Look, look! LOOK!"

Peashooter: "Alright, alright! I've seen it! So what?"

Starfruit: "I planned to go camping with you!"

Peashooter: "What? Just you and me?"

Starfruit: "Of course not! I bring Squash and Jalapeno with us! Plus I just met a ranger that will guide us to the wilderness!"

Peashooter: "Huh? What does he looks like?"

Starfruit: "You know, he have a mustache and wearing a ranger hat."

Chapter 1: A Camping Trip Edit

In a far, far place in the wilderness...

At the camp...

Rangerhead Zomblis: "Hello, plantz! May name iz Rangerhead Z."

Starfruit: "Ooh! Ooh!"

Rangerhead Zomblis: "Yez?"

Starfruit: "What is your last name?"

Rangerhead Zomblis: "May lazd name? It'z Zomb-...lis. Yez! May full name iz Rangerhead Zomblis."

Peashooter: "...Huh."

In the night, the plants sit on the woods while watching the bonfire...

Starfruit: "Hmm... I think we need to sing a campfire song!"

Rangerhead Zomblis: "Gud aydiy! Huw abut "Twinkle Twinkle Little BRAINZ"?"

Peashooter: "It's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

Rangerhead Zomblis: "Dat'z wut I man!"

Starfruit: "Great! A song about me! Twinkle twinkle little star..."

While Starfruit is singing, the bushes behind them are seen shaking, revealing three zombie heads...

Rangerhead Zomblis: *Is looking at the zombies that hides in the bushes*

Starfruit: "...How I wonder what you are. Huh?" *looking at Rangerhead Zomblis* "Rangerhead? Ranger!"

Rangerhead Zomblis: *Is drooling*

Peashooter: "Ugh! Are you sure that you chose the right ranger to guide us?"

Squash: "Hm?" *sees the zombies that is hiding in the bushes* "Hyaa!" *squashes them*

Basic Zombie: *Howls*

Everyone: "....."

Squash: *Get back and sit on the woods* "There."

Rangerhead Zomblis: "Grrh..."

Chapter 2: Scarexplore Edit

One night, in the wilderness, three zombies are hiding behind the bushes...

Basic Zombie: "Wai do wee hav 2 waer dis with cluthez?"

Conehead Zombie: "To scare them off of their pots!"

Buckethead Zombie: "Do dey waer potz?

Basic Zombie: "I thienk hee maens dey waer a put liek teh won dat Crayzeh Dav waerz."

Conehead Zombie: "Ssh! You will blow our cover!"

A few minutes later...

Starfruit: "Why do you think the ranger wanted us to explore this wilderness in the midnight?"

Peashooter: "Uh... Because he's just stupid?"

Starfruit: "No! Because he want to test our braveness!"

Jalapeno: "NNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!"

Everyone: "....."

Starfruit: "Hey! I have an idea! How about we split up? Squash and Jalapeno will go that way, while you and me will go this way."

Peashooter: "I don't know, it sounds a little--"

Starfruit: "GREAT! Let's go!"

And so, the plants split up, leaving Peashooter and Starfruit alone, don't know something was watching them...

???: *Zooms*

Peashooter: "Wait!"

???: *Hides*

Starfruit: "What?"

Peashooter: "I think I see something behind that rock..."

Starfruit: "..."

Peashooter: "...Meh. Probably just me."

Starfruit: "Phew! For a second I thought you saw the Loch Ness Monster!"

Peashooter: "You know that Nessy didn't live here, right? I'm not even sure it exist!"

Starfruit: "It sure exist! I've seen one floating on Crazy Dave's toilet!"

Peashooter: "Uh... I'm sure that's not the Loch Ness Monster."

Starfruit: "Sometimes, you just gotta believe!"

Peashooter: "Yeah, yeah. Whatever."

???: *Stares at them in silence*

A few minutes later...

Basic Zombie: "Thiz iz bawring."

Conehead Zombie: "Shut up."

Buckethead Zombie: "Hey! I fawnd a penny! Oh, it'z juzt a rock."

Conehead Zombie: "Silence! I think I hear something."

Everyone: "..."

Conehead Zombie: "I see them! Ready?"

Buckethead Zombie: "Reddy 4 wut?"

Basic Zombie: "Reddy 4 Freddy!"

Conehead Zombie: *Facepalm* "Why should I work with these guys..."

*The bushes are shaking*

Peashooter: "Did you saw that!?"

Starfruit: "What?"

Peashooter: "The bushes! It's shaking!"

Starfruit: "I hope this wouldn't end like last time that we thought it was Crazy Dave that is hiding in the bushes and is ready to give us a jumpscare."

Peashooter: "Ssh!"

Starfruit: "..."

Peashooter: *Is getting closer to the bushes*

Everyone: "....."

The Zombies: "BWAAAH!!!!!"

Peashooter & Starfruit: "AAAAAHHH!!!!!" *runs*

Conehead Zombie: "HA! HA! HA! Take that, stupid plants! HA! HA--"

???: "...Boo..."

Conehead Zombie: "...Ha? Buckethead, stop it!"

Buckethead Zombie: "I'm overr heer!"

Conehead Zombie: "Basic? Is that you?"

Basic Zombie: "I'm rite heer!"

Conehead Zombie: "Gulp! If that's not you, not him, and not me, then..."

The Zombies: *Turned around*

Scary Scarecrow: "BOO!!!"

The Zombies: "AAAAARRGH!!!!!" *runs*

Chapter 3: I Scream Edit

It's almost morning at the camp, when...

Rangerhead Zomblis: "Dum de dum... Wai did dey taek zo long? Dose zambis r nut prufezianel!"

The Zombies: "AAAAARRGH!!!!!"

Rangerhead Zomblis: "Daer u r! Wai did u taek zo long--"

The Zombies: *Hit Zomblis, then fall to the ground with him* "Oof!"

Suddenly, a big net fall from the air and hit the zombies that makes them trapped inside the net...

Conehead Zombie: "What!? What is this!?"

Then, the Peashooter and Starfruit show up.

Peashooter: "Just a little gift from us!"

Conehead Zombie: "You!? How did you know!?"

Peashooter: "Oh, that's just a little help from our friend."

Scary Scarecrow: "Hi..."

The Zombies: "AAAAARRGH!!!!!"

Then, the head of the Scary Scarecrow popped out. It turned out that its head was Pumpkin, and its body was Squash and Jalapeno...

Pumpkin: "You all looks funny when you're scared!"

Conehead Zombie: "WHAT!!! NO!!! GET ME OUT OF THIS NET! AAAAARRGH!!!!!"

The Plants: "Hahahahaha!!!"


Epilogue Edit

The Plants: "Hahahahaha!!!"

???: "Zooms"

Meanwhile, at the Zomboss Mansion...

???: *Is looking at the monitor, showing the plants and the zombies that was caught in net*

???: "Well, well... Looks like you've defeated my not-so-smart zombies. Congrats on that, but I'll have you know, this isn't the last time you see..."

???: *Turned around*


*Screen shows Zomboss Mansion that is zooming out, and the echoes of an evil maniacal laughter is heard.*

*Lightning strikes*


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