By Neoninjaboy320






Umbrella Leaf



Bungee Zombie


Conehead Zombie

Buckethead Zombie

Flag Zombie

Catapult Zombie


On the roof, it's a normal sunny day... about to be turned into a BUNGEE of a problem.

Narrator #2: Huh? That dosen't even make sense.

Narrator #1 Quiet!

Narrator #2: And there's no narrators in these fanfics.

Narrator #1: Fine, whatever.

Kernel-pult: Here comes a Bungee Zombie!


Melon-pult: Incoming Conehead Zombie!

The pults take it out.


Two more zombies are taken out.

Winter-melon: Hm, alot of Bungee Zombies today.

Cabbage-pult: Yeah.

Plants vs Zombies Soundtrack

Plants vs Zombies Soundtrack. Mini Games

This music is playing in the background, while the plants are fighting the zombies!

Melon-pult: Uh oh, not the music!

Kernel-pult: Here we go again.

Five bungee zombies come down with 5 Zombies.

Winter-melon: Fire!

'Melons, butter, kernels, and cabbage are flying everywhere on the 'roof,


Winter-melon: Eat this! and that!

Cabbage-pult: Were gonna need some more back up, we can't hold them off for much longer.

Melon-pult: Ahhhhhhh hot dogs!

Kernel-pult: Were gonna have too.

They call for help with Winter-melon and Melon-pult holding the bungee zombies off.

Wall-nut, Umbrella Leaf, and Chomper, come to aid them.

Bungee Zombie: Bwhahahah, you think Chomper can hold us off?

Winter-melon: Hey, Bungee Zombie, If I were you, I wouldn't be so smug.

Bungee Zombie: Why not?

Winter-melon: Because Chomper just opened his mouth.

Bungee Zombie turns around to see Chomper with his mouth wide open.

Bungee Zombie: Ah, nuts.


'The battle 'continues...

'Some Catapult Zombies showed 'up, putting some room for Umbrella Leaf.

Cabbage-Pult: Sir! The bungee zombies are going all over the house!

Winter-melon: Oh no! Their gonna get those poor, puny ground plants!

At the lawn...

Peashooter: Holy Peas! Bungee Zombies guys!

Sunflower is seen eating a donut...

Sunflower: Huh? send in Gatling Pea!

Peashooter nods and grabs a walkie talkie.

Peashooter: Sir! Hello?! (static) we (static) need you dude!

Gatling Pea: Okay! (static) I'll (static) be right (static) there!

On the roof...

The plants are fighting off the bungee zombies, while they are dropping off Coneheads, and Bucketheads.

Cabbage Pult: These things are really presistent today!

Melon-Pult: No kidding!

They continue to lob cabbage, butter, kernels, butter, and melons, until Gatling Pea shows up...


Gatling Pea unleshes an immense amount of peas on the zombies.

Melon-pult: Ahh! I wish I could've held my ears, that was one ear piercing scream!

Cabbage-pult: ...You don't have arms...

Melon-pult looks at this body.

Melon-pult: Oh, right.

The bungee zombies are all dead, and plenty of rope is seen on the roof and on the lawn...

Peashooter: How are we supposed to clean this all up?

Sunflower: We don't.

Peashooter: Sounds good to me.



  • When Melon-pult says: Ah hot dogs, it's a reference to Theinvisibleghotdog.
  • This is my first fanfic to have a video and music in it.
  • I made this fanfic because of the cancelled mini-game: Bungee Blitz.