Snorkel zombie:main


Foot ball zombie:mentioned




Chapter 1:the start of it

Zomboss:No not that way.

Snorkel zombie:But it looks right to me.

Zomboss:Remember it's about me not you.

Snorkel zombie:Your not right all the time.

Zomboss:Says the guy who's a ZOMBIE with almost to ZERO BRAINZ,I'll just get that foot ball guy to do it now leave.

Snorkel zombie:Okay boss.

*Snorkel zombie sits next to conehead zombie*


Snorkel zombie:...


Snorkel zombie:...

Buckethead:I swear I saw a pea shooter

*He scans the area*

Buckethead:maybe itz just my mind tricking me

*He walks up to the top zombies and puts his hand on it*

Buckethead:One day one day.

chapter 2 the Plummer

Snorkel zombie:...

*Conehead gets up and walks away*

Snorkel zombie:Welp to the pool.

*He got up and walked to the dirty water pool with a broken diving board*

Snorkel zombie:The water is exatra hot today.

*The drain suddenly turns on and sucks him and all the water from the pool*


snorkel zombie:Who and where are you.


snorkel zombi:Pesty plant,I'll take care of you within seconds.

Sea-shroom:I don't think so~.

*an army of at least 100 sea-shroom*

Snorkel zombie:uh oh

Sea-shroom:fire in three,two,one

*they fired at snorkel zombie the the force was so strong it made a mini explosio making a hole at the top which he came out of it*

snorkel zombie:owie

*the explosion also made all the water and sea-shroom come out as well*

snokel zombie:looks like mushroo soup for dinner

Chapter 3 buckethead's Storm

Side note:I'm still working on it,it's under construction as of right now

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