Location: Plant City Studio (open air)

Add a few punch and POW..... you know what I mean.

Cast: Iamarepeater (From his eyes), Golden Peashooter and Golden Sunflower.

Director: ACTION!

(Play Zombie on your lawn)

(When Bonk Choy makes his appearance) Bonk Choy: Bonk Choy

(Continue music until the countdown) Bonk Choy: 1, 2 ,3 .........

Me: So far so good. (Loud enough for the Golden Duo to hear but not loud enough to be picked up by the camera)

(Inside Bonk Choy's mind) Bonk Choy: Good training place. Let's go! (Goes to the field to start running. He then teleported to the gym room to punch a punching bag, assumed to be training his punches for the wrestling competition. Suddenly, he was at the ring where all the audiences, plants and zombies alike, although only some of the zombies could be seen. Suddenly it was back to the actual audition)

Back to reality.

Me: Forget what I said guys eariler.

Golden Sunflower: Ok. Look at all those zombies on the ground. They looked beaten up.

Golden Peashooter: I think Bonk Choy did it.

Director: CUT! CUT! CUT! CUT!

(Play music which indicated that Bonk Choy failed)

Later on......

Me: Bonk Choy?

Bonk Choy: Yes?

Me: What were you thinking during the audition?

Bonk Choy: Thinking it was a good time to show off my capablitity for the upcoming wresting competion.

Me: Gotta go!

Bonk Choy: See ya then.

Me: (Teleports) (Thinking: We still have at least 50 more hopeful. No need to worry)

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