Disco Zombie: I started a band called the Beatin' Brainz, but I want more members.  I need a bass guitarist and a drummer, but I'd be glad to have more than five members!

Buckethead Zombie (Avatar: Bucket): I can drum.

Disco Zombie: You're in!  You're going to use the bucket as a drum, right?
Buckethead Zombie: Yep.

E. M. Peach (Avatar: EMP): Oh boy!  Another organization to disable the machines of!

Sunflower: Go back to the future or I'll send the Big Bang Bombers.
E. M. Peach: Penny, I gotta go to the future before I'm attacked by Cherry Bomb, Jalapeno, Doom-Shroom, and Potato Mine!
Penny (Avatar: Clock): On it!  And I'll send your friends Magnifying Grass, Laser Bean, Tile Turnip, Citron, and Infi-Nut too.

Tomb Raiser Zombie (Avatar: Grave): I can make a guitar out of a bone.  I am an experienced guitarist!

Disco Zombie: Okey-dokey.  I used to not want time-specific zombies, but Pianist Zombie changed my mind.  Remember, Pianist Zombie?
Pianist Zombie (Avatar: Piano): Yeah!  BRAINS.

Dr. Zomboss (Avatar: Zombot): I've got dibs on special effects!  Also, I can take you on a rock tour-through time!  You'll be able to perform for King Rot!

Disco Zombie: Awesome!  Also, no more band members.  I made a bet with Peashooter.  If I get more than six members, I lose 100 Zombucks!
Disco Zombie: Peashooter has forced me to let Imp into the band as flute player.  But I have my backup plan.  Barrel Roller Zombie, run!  And keep the Zombucks in your barrel!
Barrel Roller Zombie (Avatar: Barrel): The plants are one step ahead of us!  Peashooter hatched a plan with Spikeweed and my barrel's broken!  Peashooter ran off with the Zombucks!
Peashooter: Haha!

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