Sunflower: DO NOT LET WINTER MELON SEE THIS!  It's Winter Melon's birthday in a week and we still need to plan the party!  We need to get started now!

Disco Zombie (Avatar: Disco ball): Need music?  No problem!  BRAAAAINS.

Sunflower: Okay.  Can you play, "Beauty and a beet", "What does the zombie say", and, "Gatling Pea Style"?
Disco Zombie: Sure!  I'll get my new band: Jack-in-the-Box Zombie and Pianist Zombie!  BRAAAAINS!

Peashooter: What's his favorite movie?

Sunflower: Frozen.
Peashooter: Okey-dokey.  I'll get it.
Sunflower: Yeah, right.  Like the time you, "got" Monsters University on Chomper's birthday.  And the time you, "got" Clash of the Titans on Bonk Choy's birthday.
Peashooter: This time will be different!

Snow Pea (Avatar: Snowball): As Winter Melon's best friend, I'll make the cake with Iceberg Lettuce, Ice-Shroom, and Torchwood.

Sunflower: Why Torchwood?  No offense.
Torchwood (Avatar: Flame): None taken.
Snow Pea: He's a master cook.  I'm a master decorator.
Sunflower: Oh.

Melon-Pult (Avatar: Watermelon): Emergency!  Winter Melon almost saw!  We need to take this down!

Pea Pod (Avatar: Pea pod, but not the PvZ kind): We're on it!

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