Bloom & Doom Seed Company TourEdit

NOTE: This is a 3-part fan fic.



Snow Pea



Iron Fume


Harvey Flaxcaster


Bloom & Doom Seed Company


Sunflower: Hello? We're here for the tour. We got the tickets!

Iron Fume(Over Loudspeaker): Welcome to Bloom & Doom Seed Company! I see you're here for the tour?

Peashooter: Yes!

Iron Fume and Coolcumber 'hop' to them

Coolcumber: Ah, hello! I will be taking your tickets.

Harvey Flaxcaster: Fake Fumey, the toaster's broken again.

Iron Fume: Anyways... Follow me!

The plants are following Iron Fume

Iron Fume: ...And this is the packet creator and conveyor belt!

Snow Pea: Iron Fume? How do the plants get in the packet?

Iron Fume: Well...

Repeater packet gets sent on the conveyor belt

Repeater: Hi, guys! Wait-- HELP ME!!!

Repeater gets planted

Lights suddenly turn off

Everyone: AAAAAAAGH!!!!


Why had the lights gone out? Was this some elaborate prank? Tune in next time!

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