Original Song:

(Dr. Zomboss and the main 4 troops singing, Dr. Zomboss starts 1st verse)

Grief (Original Theme)00:33

Grief (Original Theme)

Sing this with this video

So you townsfolk beware, I'm not as friendly as I seem I'll be lurking out on your lawn 'til you come outside, I'm gonna feast on your lush'us brains!


I'm gonna beat! (Gonna beat, gonna beat) I'm gonna beat the world for their brains, gonna beat! (Gonna beat, gonna beat) So go ahead, surrender down to me or

Face the consequences of having a bet But it was so dang hard I must stop-ti's So go ahead, come at me and bring your best 'Coz you ain't gonna stop me!


I'm gonna beat! (Beat)

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