By Neoninjaboy320


  • Wall-nut
  • Dr. Zomboss
  • Wall-nut Clones
  • PJ Peashooter
  • Sunflower


A normal day at the lawn, turns into a Nutty nightmare...

PJ Peashooter: Hey, Paisley, where are you at?

Paisley Pot: Annoyed: Down here, you insensitive jerk!

PJ Peashooter: Sorry, not my fault your only 1 ft 2

Paisley Pot, grunts real loudly when the zombies show up.

PJ Peashooter: Zombieberg, straight ahead!

Sunflower: Don't make cheesy Titanic references, please.

PJ Peashooter: Sorry.

In a nearby bush...

Dr. Zomboss: Okay, Extra Zombie, I need you to kidnap Wall-nut!

Extra Zombie: Oh god, remember that last incident that occured when I tried to nut-nap Wally Wall-nut?

Flash back shows Extra Zombie, and Dr. Zomboss in the trash can.

Dr. Zomboss: Shivers- Ohhh, don't remind me. This time will be different, this is just your average, everyday, sitting duck, Wall-nut

Extra Zombie: True, True.

On the lawn...

PJ Peashooter: I think that's all of them.

'Extra Zombie bursts out of a bush, and is on the 3rd setting.'

He swoops in and picks up Wall-nut, and is gone in quite a few seconds.

The plants are coughing waiting for the smoke to clear up.

PJ Peashooter: What the...? What was that?

Paisley Pot: Hey... where's Wall-nut?

The spot Wall-nut was at, is empty, with a few shell fragmets.

Sunflower: O_O that can't be good...

At Dr. Zomboss's lab...

Dr. Zomboss: Mwhahahahahahahhahaha!

Wall-nut shivers in fright, of what Dr. Zomboss, will do to him.

Dr. Zomboss: I bet your wondering, what im gonna do to you.

Wall-nut: Actually I-

Dr. Zomboss: Slience!

'Wall-nut whimpers at the sight of all the machinery being hooked up, and I strainer with cords, about to be placed on his small, little oval, nutty, head. '

Wall-nut: W-W-What are you gonna do?

Extra Zombie: Oh, you'll see in a minute, what were doing.

Evil laughter is heard from outside of the HQ, as well as electricty cackling.

At the lawn...

Paisley Pot: I'm seriously worried aobut Wall-nut, I mean- there was no extra speed boots!

PJ Peashooter: Boy, I hear ya.

Paisley Pot: Im a girl

PJ Peashooter: Whatever.

Wall-nut is seen falling from the sky.



Wall-nut: Uhhh, where am i? groans-

PJ Peashooter: Your on the lawn, your safe now.

Wall-nut: No were not, Dr.Z did horrible things to me, he... he... CLONED ME!!!

Paisley Pot: That's not possible.

Repeater: Yeah...

The plants scream, at Repeater, no one seemed to know he was there...

Paisley Pot: Where did you come from??!

Repeater: I have my ways >:)

Sunflower: Whatevz, lets focus on more important things.

Suddenly a stampede was heard...

Wall-nut: Oh no...

Dr. Zomboss is seen commanding an army of Wall-nuts, as they stampede towards the house.

Dr. Zomboss: Mwhahahahahahahhaha!

Extra Zombie: Stop overdoing that rediculous laugh.

Dr. Zomboss: Sorry.

The Wall-nuts are charging, when they noticed Wall-nut

Wall-nut Clone #1: Is that... our father?

Wall-nut Clone#2: Maybe.

Wall-nut Clone#3: YES!

Dr. Zomboss: Attack them you FOOLS!

Wall-nut: Don't listen to him!

The Nut clones look back and forth at Wall-nut and Dr. Zomboss and Extra Zombie.

Wall-nut Clone#1,000,000: ENOUGH!!!!!

Wall-nut Clone#5: We have made our decision, and we choose...

Dr. Zomboss, Extra Zombie, and Wall-nut stare at them HARDLY!

Wall-nut Clone#445: Wall-nut!!!


Wall-nut: Get him boys!

The clones turn over to Dr. Zomboss and Extra Zombie, and grin and start charging!

Dr. Zomboss: Ahhhh!

Extra Zombie: T_T I told you not to pick Wall-nut again!

FYI: They are running, while they are talking.

Dr. Zomboss: Yeah well, that was before I remembered the Incident!

Extra Zombie: I should brought those Speed Boots huh?

Dr. Zomboss: Yeah, probably.



  • Catch Me If Ya Plant! is mentioned twice in this fanfic, about how their last Wall-nut related scheme failed.