Cabbage Pult



Bonk Choy

The StartEdit

Narrator:During the ancient times where Humans and Plants has been bonded by ages and generations.And must we find about our secret from our ancient past and the so called zombies.Which we literrally use plants and some guns to kill them off.

Snapdragon:Could you please skip?


Narrator:Now.During Ancient Egypt mysterious plants were discovered and also alive and has extraordinary powers.Such as pea shooting,punching,spitting fires and others.While a new threat rises when a disease was discovered throughout the whole world and turns them into mindless,craving for brains.Zombies.It nearly wipe the Human race out when the Plants started defending their homeowner.And allowed us to have an ally in time of need especially this.However some of the Plants has been dehydrated during that time due to super hot conditions which literrally turned them into crispy,yummy veggies........

Cabbage Pult:Ummm..... Could you skip the crispy veggy thing.It hurts us very much

Peashooter:I appologize for the stop but we will get it back soon aslong as we get our sun energy and wake up the narrator

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