Repeater 1: let's go!

Repeater 2: he's undead ahead!

Repeater 3: *beep BOOP bop*

Repeater 2: your such a tech guy!

Dr zomboss: *fires ice and lazer beam*

Repeater 3 beep bop bop BOOP BOOP beep I'm hit!! I'm going down im going dowwwwnnn!! Noooooo! *crashes*

Repeater 1: darn we need to put pumpkins on are planes! Turn into treepeater!!

Repeater 2: yes sir!!

 *five minits later*

Repeater 1: he's almost dead!!

Repeater 2: he going on lazer frenzy!! I'm hit I'm hit!! Noooooooo!!! *crash*

  • repeater one got hit*

Repeater 1: noooooo!!!

Twin sunflower: shhhhh!!

Repeater (1): -_', I WAS SLEEPING!!

Twin sunflower: ya, we could here you say NOOOO from a the upgrade bed room!

Repeater: oh, sorry

Repeater:Italic text I wish I could be an upgrade...

Will be continued in "repeater dreams" (coming soon)

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