Story Created by Mattycn

Note: This is a long text based story, it may take a good few minutes to read it!

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"So your sure this is the way to the cave?" Said Melon Pult, "Sure as a umbrella can deflect hard_hitting bungees!" Said Umbrella Leaf, "Two things, firstly you mean an Umbrella leaf can get bungees, and secondly the saying is "Sure as a umbrella leaf can deflect Hard_Ball BasketBalls!"," said Melon Pult! "Oh," said Umbrella Leaf, The two friendly plants hopped/jumped into the cave, what its hard to know what they do as they have no legs! Anyway Melon Pult decided to lighten the moon with a joke, "Knock Knock," Said Melon pult, "Whos There," "Peapod," "Who?" "Knock Knock," "Whos There," "Lightning Reed," "Who?" "Knock Knock," "Whos There," "Orange," "Orange Who?" "Orange you glad I didn't say a plant again?" Said Melon Pult,"Actualy a orange is a plant" Said Umbrella.

The plants heard a faint noise going like ...Do do do do dooo doo do do do do do dooo do do... "Whats that," said Umbrella, Melon Pult replied, "Uh oh, Jack!" "Wahhh! Boom" Said JackInTheBox! "Wait we didn't fly into the air, how?" Wondered Melon Pult, "Me!" Said the wall, "Erm the wall? Whats the narrator talking about?? I think I may fire him sometime," Said Melon Pult! Static was heard from the wall and something was being pulled from the other side of the wall, Out came a red staticy piece of metal, It was magnet shroom! So the people reuntied and went along the cave, Magnet shroom sang " ♫ Theres a zombie on your lawn! Theres a zombie on your- " He was interupted by a voice, singing... ♫ Theres a Zombie on your Lawn ♫ ...They walked to see a light, a zombie was cutting a rope with a cage with sunflower in... ABOVE LAVA!!! ...Sunflower didn't see them but they had a idea!

Melon Pult shot a melon that sunflower saw, Umbrella deflected it and it was about to miss when a gravitational pull was made to the side so the melon got the cage onto ground, then the door came of, Magnet shroom tried to attract the cage! Sunflower was thankfull but they didn't have peashooter, WinterMelon or Torchwood! They escaped and asked sunflower where the map was and what the things name was, sunflower said she/he didn't know where they went exept for torchwood and then Sunflower said, "The name of the guy is-" A zombie in a giant suit said "Silence, You will pay!

To be Continued

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