Story Created by Mattycn

Note: This is a long text based story, it may take a good few minutes to read it!

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Melon pult was still looking though the bags for the batteries when suddenly a shadow lurked upon melon pult, "W-w-whos there?" Said Melon Pult scaredly. "It's me..." Said in a zombie voice, Melon Pult heard a song and a handle being twisted, he looked and found a Jack in the box zombie, "I am crazzzy.....  WAAHH!" Said JITB Zombie and Melon Pult got shot out of the tent, above the trees and landed safetly on a Umbrella Leaf, "Wow, Its a UFP, a Unidentified Flying Pult!" Said Umbrella Leaf, Melon Pult said, "I took a bad fly by a JackInTheBox Zombie!," Umbrella Leaf replied, "I know what its like."

Melon pult said,"I was guarding a camp an suddenly every plant camping had gone, So I checked the phone that was brought here and it ran out of batteries and the wifi chip had gone," Just then the phone rang so Melon Pult shot a melon at the answer button, it was Crazy Dave, "Hello?" Said Crazy Dave, Melon Pult whispered, "So its not the batteries, Its the Wifi Chip!" Out loud melon pult said, "Hey its MP Here." Said Melon Pult, "Why?" Said Crazy dave, "Because-" Said Melon Pult, "Because- Im Crazy!!!!" Said Crazy Dave. "So all the plants in the camp had gone somewhere, got bounced in the air by a JackInTheBox but safely landed on an umbrella leaf!" Said Melon Pult, "Wabby Wabbo, I think I know where they are, there in the woods cave right with a zombie called-/\-zz-/\-</\>" 

"Ok I thought Crazy Dave wasn't far away," said Melon Pult,"Who?" said Umbrella Leaf. "The one who created me," Said Melon Pult, looking at the phone, "Oh, it was the batteries," said Melon Pult quietly. "Continuing he is the one who created... Winter Melon, Torchwood, Peashooter, Sunflower and probaly you!" Said Melon Pult, "I just wish I could find them as I don't have a map," Umbrella Leaf says, "What do they look like?" So Melon Pult pults a picture to Umbrella Leaf making her immediately say, "I seen them in pots being carried north, I'll show you where!"

To be continued!

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