Story Created by Mattycn

Note: This is a long text based story, it may take a good few minutes to read it! For the next part click this: Adventures of Melon Pult Ep 2


One day in the lawn Melon Pult asked, "Why are we fighting to help keep this crazy guy alive? Can't we just go on an adventure?" Peashooter replied, "We are fighting for crazy daves safety, if we don't we are going to be eaten at some point, he is the one that plants more of us to help us survive!" At that point Crazy Dave shoveled 3 Cob Cannons, "Ok fine, lets just go camping for a few days, but make sure crazy dave knows we're gone," said Peashooter! So Sunflower went inside the house and told Crazy dave about the camping trip, Crazy Dave decided that he may be able to survive for a couple days, "We can go camping for a couple days, but if I get a phone call from crazy dave we go straight back, and we can't go anywhere more than half a hour away in the Plant Pots," said Sunflower. "Whhhaaa?" Said Melon Pult, "The pots only go 7 miles per hour." "Deal with it," said Sunflower!

When the plants got to the only holiday resort far enough for the pots to go they started building the tent. "I'll attack any zombies I see and Sunflower, you make the tent, peashooter, can you set up the food supply!" Said Melon Pult. "What about me?" Said Torchwood. Melon Pult Replied, "You set pose as the campfire, and do we have any Marshmallow pults here?" "Sadly no," said sunflower, "They dont exist". Melon Pult said "Oh... Thats bad news, so peashooter can you burn the peas so there hot enough to put in the sleeping bags, we need some heat other than torchwood, "Hey!" Said Torchwood!

At nightfall the plants went into the tent while Torchwood and Melon Pult were garding the garden, "No sign of zombeis yet!" Said Melon Pult, but they were no relpy, "No zombies yet guys! Helllooooo?" Said Melon Pult, Melon looked back to find Torchwood gone, so it was a little darker and cooler, Melon Pult went into the tent as it was too cold to be guarding the tent, but the next day he woke up and found all the plants to be gone, and all that was there was a ringing phone, so Melon Pult answered it, but it wasn't crazy dave, it was sunflower! Sunflower said, "We are trapped in a cage, by a zombie, who is apparently called-/\-zz-/\-</\>" The phone either ran out of batteries or it lost connection, although sunflower brought two spare batterys and a wifi chip, they must be somewhere!

To be continued!

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