• At the airport,Bloomerang,Cherry Bomb,Kernel-Pult,And Bonk Choy*

Bloomerang : Brains are everywhere,And the people has green skins.Wuuuut?

Kernel-Pult : These Are brains

Cherry Bomb * Explodes but still alive*

Bonk Choy : Whatever

Bloomerang calls on phone ( Hi,Who's there?It's me,Magnet-Shroom,We need a car to go to the wild west! )


All : Winter melon,Umbrella leaf,Cob cannon,Your going with magnet.

( They all ride to the airport ) 

Zombie airport invasion,Ultimate Battle soundtrack starts

This plane is full of zombies,Let's fight on it,*Boom AS THE PLANE EXPLODES AT PLUTO!

Zombie : I found a machine,Roams us everywhere ( Oh look,Wild West,We can trap the plants )

  • At the wild West*

Oh look A cone head,And tallnut and some electric guy are here.

Wrong grammer,Zombie.

Zombie : Listen,I trapped you here,Im gonna get my army- ( Tall-nut falls at zombie,killing him )

Tall-nut : BOOM-YEAH!

Lightining reed : Okay,Ill electrifiy him and take his shirt,there is a cowboy zombie,a scanning one,

Tall-nut : Ill be the face.

Umbrella Leaf : Im the legs.

Lightining reed im the hands

Others : Let's hide inside

Cowboy Conehead : Man...You look lame ( Calls using Phone ) 

Tall-nut : OH CRAP.( Falls at him ) 

Cherry Bomb : This isn't safe.

Bulls : BOO!IMPS!

  • Bull throws*

Winter Melon : So fine.

Magnet-Shroom : Yeah,They are easy.

  • Bonk choy hits them*

to be continued

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