Part 2: Battle Street Battle Edit

I received an alert on my earpiece. The zombies were engaging in an all-out attack on the Suburbian side of the Battle Street subdivision. That subdivision was part of the dividing line between Suburbia and Zomburbia. You could actually see the single street that divided the two areas. We rushed there as fast as we could. We could not let the zombies advance any further.

When we got there, we saw redead zombies, dead plants, smashed machines, and the odd human corpse. I decapitated one of said corpses, just in case it had been infected with one of the parasites that sets the undead apart from the dead. We were met there by Neon (a ninja) and a cyborg named Andrew Martins. I didn't like Martins. He had been acting suspicious, and the Syndicate seemed to find things out when I told them to him. I decided not to tell him anything, but I briefed Neon on the situation. Just as I was finishing up, I saw loads of zombies attacking. I personally directed the attack against them. We would have lost, if not for Queen Rose (an extremely powerful rose) and the Liberator (an autonomous puff-shroom that controlled a fair number of normal puff-shrooms). You see, most puff-shrooms don't have autonomy of their own. They are like formics from the book Ender's Game, controlled by larger, autonomous puff-shrooms. The Liberator was one of the latter. Sunflowers and other sun producers powered the plant army, while a wedge of pumpkined Bonk Choy drove through the advancing zombies. I didn't order an attack on the zombie-controlled houses, because we could not take them with our remaining force. The zombies would not be able to attack until reinforcements arrived, but they would be able to defend very easily. We walked back, but first I trashed one of the machines that acted in the place of the plants that defended buildings. Sometimes, being a skilled sniper comes in handy. Seeker took a parting shot at another, and broke it too.

Zomboss was furious. "What do you mean, you lost? I don't pay you to lose!" His field commander, who had headed the attack, said, "It wasn't my choice. We strategized well--" but left himself open to a sarcastic reply. Zomboss gave said reply: "We?" The zombie amended his statement. "I strategized well, but a few powerful plants beat us. The Admiral was there." Zomboss agreed that I was a clever foe, and it wouldn't be easy to bring me down.

To be continued...

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