Note: This is the first story EPICMAN7556 has wrote.



Coconut Cannon


The story starts at Chomper's house.

Chomper just woke up, and is ready for the day.

Chomper: Well, time for breakfast.

Chomper eats some eggs, bacon, pancakes, and to finish it off, a zombie head.

Chomper: Well, time for school. Better pack my lunch!

For his lunch, he eats a triple decker PBJ, 3 bags of chips, and another zombie head.

Chomper: Yay, the final bell! Time to go home and read Awesome Beards Magazine.

After reading the magazine, Chomper eats dinner, which is really just 5 zombie heads.

Chomper: Now I gotta drop off Coconut Cannon's juicer that I borrowed.

Chomper (at Coconut Cannon's house): Hey, Coconut Cannon! Here's your juicer that I borrowed.

Coconut Cannon: Thanks, Chomper! How was your day?

Chomper: Eh, you know, the usual.



  • "Awesome Beards Magazine" is a reference to the Plants vs. Zombies: Plant your Path novel, where at one point, Crazy Dave will read a magazine called "Awesome Beards".

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