It was just another one of those days where your brains were on the line and your knowledge of botany was your last hope. Usually, we're looking at how all the plants are doing, but today, we enter the life of a zombie. And yes, yes it is just any old zombie.

Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnss... the zombie groaned. Like any other zombie, he was peckish for the pink, plump feast inside your forehead. Just as the zombie headed for the front door, a small, angelic zombie appeared on his shoulder. No! No, don't do it! the angel cried into the zombie's ear. The right thing to do would be to ask politely to steal the homeowner's brain, he explained. How about you switch to eating cheese instead? It's a great alternative. The zombie thought carefully. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez..? The angel pulled a piece of cheese seemingly out of thin air and held it to the zombie's mouth, suggesting that the zombie should try some. The zombie gobbled the cheese up, like the pig all zombies are. It was surprisingly refreshing!

The zombie thought he had made his cheesy diet official, until a new dish was on the menu. STOP YOU MINDLESS CORPSE! a coarse voice yelled. The zombie looked at his other shoulder and found a red zombie with horns and a pointy tail which was holding a pitchfork to match. WHAT'S WRONG WITH BRAINS!? THE HOMEOWNER WON'T MIND IF YOU STEAL HIS BRAINS; HE'LL BE DEAD BY THEN! the devilish zombie screeched. Wh-what? No! You might.. erm.. get arrested! Or perish from exposure to.. peas! the angel stuttered. ......BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIINNNNSSSSS, the zombie started to groan again. Before the angel could stop him, the zombie stormed to the nearest sunflower and leaned in to take a big, juicy bite. Realizing defeat, the angel flew up into the sky, whilst the devil vanished into thin air cackling.

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't eat me! DON'T EAT ME! Sunflower cried. I bet sunflower's about to wet her plants! Girl Pea giggled, not realizing the situation Sunflower was in. Before the zombie could tear up the sunflower's plant brains, a gigantic corn cob hit the zombie and knocked it out instantly.

And so, the tale of yet another zombie has ended. Although this was just an ordinary zombie, this was not any ordinary zombie's life. Your brains are safe...... for now.

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