By BGB64



  • Sunflower
  • Peashooter
  • Snow Pea
  • Tall-nut
  • Plantern
  • Cattail
  • Potato Mine


  • Normal Zombie
  • Pole Vaulting Zombie
  • Cone Zombie
  • Bucket Zombie

Minecraft Mobs

  • Steve
  • Herobrine
  • Bitey the Wolf
  • Scratchy the Ocelot
  • Moocow
  • Megawolf (Cameo)
  • Miss Bloom (Cameo)




  • The Portal
  • Steve's Castle
  • Steve's Village


So far 22 plants have been made in the UPRF. All the workers have left and 7 plants are trying to break out.

Peashooter: Ok, sunflower, try to hold all your sun in and then spit it all out at once to overload the anti-sun cage.

Sunflower: Okay! *deep breath*

Cattail: What about me?

Peashooter: You'll get your turn of doing stuff later. Potato mine, you armed yet?

Potato Mine: Nope, still digging!

Snow Pea: Ok sunflower you should have enough now.

Sunflower spits out a mega sun with a 250 sun value, melting the cage and then unlocks all the other cages.

Sunflower: Now what?

Plantern: Someone suck up all that sun! I'm *cough* running  out *cough* of *cough* darkness *cough* to eat.

All the plants except plantern and sunflower sucked up some of the sun.

Plantern: That's better.

Potato Mine: I'm armed and ready now!

Snow Pea: Let's go!

Sunflower: Wait. there's security cameras outside!

Peashooter: Already taken care of.

Potato Mine: What about the zombies?

Peashooter: Easy. Me, snow pea and cattail will shoot 'em.

Cattail: Finally! Something for me to do.

Snow Pea: Then let's go!

Cattail: Yeah: Peashooter, you got that glass cutting laser?

Peashooter: Of corse!

All the plants go out through the hole in the window.

Zombie: Brainz

Snow Pea: They're obviously too stupid to realise there aren't any brains here.

Potato Mine: So they're still gonna attack us!

Sunflower: Guys, start shooting!

Cattail: Hey.

Sunflower: *sigh* Guys and girl.

Cattail: That's better.

Peashooter, snow pea, and cattail start shooting at the zombies.

Peashooter: This is easy.

Potato Mine: Uh oh. A huge wave's coming.

Snow Pea: Oh well. They're just gettin' crushed by that magma rock thing.

Potato Mine: Wait a minute is that a-

Portal: *minecraft portal noises*

Peashooter: Yup.

Cattail: Let's go through it!

Peashooter: Cattail wai-

Cattail goes through the portal

Sunflower: *sigh* now we have to go in there after her.

Peashooter: I was about to say that!

Potato Mine:Let's stop arguing and go! Wait, where's tall-nut and plantern?

Tall-nut: Hi! We just got held back by a zombie. But we pushed it into the incinerator.

Plantern: Let's go through the portal now!

All the plants go through the portal to find cattail.

Tall-nut: Why is this universe made of cubes?

Plantern: How should I know:

Steve: What sort of non-cubic creatures are you?

Peashooter: Hi, we're plants from an alternate universe made to kill zombies. Our friend came through this portal. Have you seen her?

Steve: Has a pink hat, goes in water, throws spikes?

Peashooter: Yeah. do you know where she is?

Steve: Herobrine captured her.

Tall-nut: Herobrine?

Steve: He's an evil creepy guy who was supposed to be killed but isn't.

Herobrine: ?sdneirf elttil emos evah uoy evetS oS

Steve: He also talks backwards. What he said was: So Steve, you have some little friends?

Plantern: Creepy.

Bitey the Wolf: Woof!

Steve: It's getting dark. You can come and stay in my castle.

Sunflower: Yay!

Snow Pea: Castle?

Steve: Yeah. But I am not responsible if any of you get taken by herobrine.

Tall-nut: Ok, but...

Plantern: Oh come on what's the worst that could happen?

All the plants follow Steve to his castle.

Later that night...

Someone: Hel-!

Steve: Someone got taken!

Steve goes into the main hall, where some of the plants are waiting

Snow Pea: Peashooter's gone!

All the torches burn out simultaneosly (Including plantern) and lightning strikes

Tall-nut: Who's gone now?

Steve: Sunflower is.

Herobrine: !em taefed reven ll'ouY

All the torches burn out simultaneosly (Including plantern) and lightning strikes again

Tall-nut: We better do something fast!

Steve: I know! We need to get the glowstone peiece from the hiding place! It glows and cannot be turned out!

Herobrine: ?yllaeR

The torches and lightning happen again and another plant goes

Plantern: Now we only have me, tall-nut, and potato mine!

Steve: Almost got the glowstone...

The room blacks out again and another gets taken

Steve: Got It!

Steve picks up the glowstone and holds it up, illuminating the room.

Plantern: Well, Potato Mine, it's just me, you, and Steve now.

Potato Mine: Now that we got the glowstone, let's go kill herobrine!

Steve: He stays in dark when kidnapping people, but otherwise he doesn't care. We need Enchanted weapons to kill him.

Herobrine: ?taht od nac uoy kniht yllaer uoy oD

Steve: First let's go get the animals.

Bitey the Wolf: Woof!

They get the animals out of their pen and bring them with them

Steve: Now let's go.

Plantern: Where?

Steve: My village, duh.

Steve, the 3 plants, Bitey, and Scratchy go to the village.

Steve: So, blacksmith, what weapons and armor do you have.

Blacksmith: Well, ...we have lots. Come inside and see.

Steve: I'll take that one. (Pointing at a heavily enchanted diamond sword)

Blacksmith: That'll be 9,999,999,999 emeralds. And another 1 emerald for the...sword holder thingy.

Steve: *sigh* here. (Gives 10,000,000,000 emeralds to the blacksmith)

Blacksmith: Any armor you want here?

Steve: The feather falling ten re-

Blacksmith: You mean this one? (Pointing at enchanted diamond boots)

Steve: Yeah.

Blacksmith: Another 10,000,000,000 emeralds. Per boot.

Potato Mine (muttering): These prices are worse than Crazy Dave's.

Steve (whispering): I don't know Crazy Dave but I agree. Insane prices.

Steve: Fine! Take them! (Throws 10,000,000,000 emeralds at the blacksmith)

Blacksmith: Hey!

30 minutes later...

Steve: There. Full armor, bow and arrows, and sword. What armor do you guys want?

Plantern: I don't think armor would fit us.

Tall-nut: Except maybe helmets.

Steve: Ok blacksmith these three helmets.

Blacksmith: 3,333,333,333.3333-

Steve: We get it. A third of a billion for each one. Heres your money.

Scratchy (mad): Meow!

Steve: Fine, you two can have armor too.

Bitey (happy): Woof!

Plantern: Oh look a cow!

Random Cow (confused): Moooo?

Plantern: Yes you. I shall name you Moocow!!!!

Lightning Strikes.

Potato Mine: Wha-

Megawolf: By naming your cow Moocow, you made Herobrine's head explode!

Herobrine (not backwards): A- o- i- bu- n- s- w- no- no- Fuu-

Herobrine's head explodes

Megawolf: Fun?

Cattail: Hi!

Peashooter: We're back!

Steve: Er, blacksmith, can we get a refund?

Blacksmith: You know the refund policy. NO REFUNDS.

Megawolf: Oh yeah:

Megawolf opens the portal back to the real world and all the plants jump through.

Moocow (alarmed): Mooo!

Moocow jumps through the portal and the portal closes.

Meanwhile, in the real world...

Miss Bloom: We've finished pack one, except those escaped pla- Here they are now!

The End. See here for the second story.