This is the code Zomboss gave to me via YouTube PM. At first I couldn't seem to figure out what this means, but after some further investigations, it translates into "zombie". That's right, zombie. However, I don't know why he sent me this. When I asked him, he just said "You'll figure it out later,". I don't know why he also sent me that link, but the domain name is quite funny "Zomboss lost his right shoe". What? However, the site doesn't actually exist. -18 is the result of subtracting the above code.

Soon after, Rachel called me. I picked it up, but I replied her that I'm too busy right now.

I started a Facebook chat to him, asking for what this code is for. But he replied "1-800-261-5132". 261-5132. 26-15-13-2. That's the first 7 numbers of the code. ZOMB? ZOM-B (pronounced zombie)? And why is it a toll-free number?

I immediately called the number, and Zomboss answered it. This is the transcript of the call.

Zomboss: Hello.

Me: Hi. What do you want from me, ZB?

ZB: Put that [password] into my Google account, zomboss[omitted for privacy reasons]

Me: Why should I do that?

ZB: Just do it.

Me: Why would you want me to do it?


Me: Well, OK, if that's what you want.

(A break, I was logging in to Google using the information he gave)

Me: OK, Logged in.

ZB: Now go to Google Drive.

Me: I know what you want. Uploaded some scary s**t there?

ZB: Well, just open it.

Me: OK.

(Opens Google Drive, and found something)

Me: OK, so I found a file there. It's called "ZBDiary-111915.docx". Your diary?

ZB: You guessed it. I want you to download it. Use the password I gave.

Me: OK.

ZB: Now open it. Use the same password.

Me: OK.

(Opens the file)

Me: What the f**k? You want me to read this?

ZB: Yes. I want you to know what's going on now.

Me: Well, OK. [the content is too long to fit here. Here's the content if you wanna read it.]

ZB: Got the point?

Me: WTF is this? Your life is RUINED? Why?

ZB: I know. I want you to read it, because of THAT. 

(phone hungs up)

I still couldn't figure out what's actually going on, and he doesn't respond when I try to ask him.

I believe that he's somewhere, but not the place I know.

It's still a mystery now, but one day, it'll be revealed.

And about that "lost his shoe" site? I don't know about that either.

Update: Possible meanings of that site

OK, so I think I figured out what that site means. Last month, he bought a new pair of shoe. I think it was a Nike. The point here is that he might have literally lost his right shoe, and that's why he put that nonexistent site there. I think he's desperately finding his right shoe now, and probaby that's why I can't contact him.

There is another possibility why he sent that URL. As far as I'm aware, most of the zombies don't have right shoes. When I asked them why, they said that Zomboss took it away from them. Well, I think they did a revenge: They took away Zomboss's right shoe and put it somewhere. But still, the exact meaning of that site is unknown.

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